No Pain (No Shame) Stain Removal

We know the feeling - sparkling new tiles, freshly installed, not a single speck of dirt and just when you think they'll stay perfect forever, life happens. Muddy shoes, dirty paws, and all sorts of spills, it happens to the best of us. That's why we're...

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Shower Those Cement Tiles (with love)!

Lather, rinse, repeat! Did you know you can install LiLi cement tiles right in the shower? It's true! They're perfect in any wet or dry location (besides inside the pool) and they're totally fun to look at while shampooing! Forget the shower pan and pick...

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Pink Tiles?! You Heard that Right

Who could have ever imagined that one day it would be socially acceptable to have pink floors? Whether it's your dream come true or your worst nightmare, pink floors are happening and we're jumping on the bandwagon! In addition to our delicate Belle &...

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Groutless Showers, the Future is Here!

You've heard it once, you'll hear it again, and probably once more after that. But in case you missed it, LiLi Cement Tiles do not have to be installed with grout. Better yet, you can skip the grout even in the shower. Are we kidding? Nope. So here's the deal, in...

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Scratches, Meet Your Match

Your new floor has just been installed and before long, the inevitable strikes. Scratches and skid marks cover your once perfect tiles making your blood boil every time you walk across the room. Don't just live with it, do something about it! In the video below, we...

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Dark Grout gets a Second Chance

We've all been there, a client selects a light colored tile but insists on having dark colored grout. Although aesthetically pleasing and downright trendy, the use of dark grout with light tiles, even with the best sealers, causes excessive labor hours and stained...

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