Cement Tile Production Process

From the Start:

Our production process is almost as unique as our tiles. We use copper molds and have over 100 different designs ranging from classic to modern and everything in between.  Our talented artisans carefully pour naturally pigmented cement into copper molds and use patented equipment to press the designs to life.

All the materials we use are natural, making LiLi Cement Tiles 100% green. Our tiles are non-flammable and completely recyclable.

Quality control is conducted on a piece-by-piece basis rather than a lot production to ensure beauty and quality in every tile we produce. If you are an artist and would like to have your own design made into cement tiles, we will gladly work with you to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. We will also gladly assist in the mismatching of cement tiles, a popular trend currently sweeping the market.

Our tiles are timeless and can be found on the floors and walls of some of the trendiest places in the world.


Lili Vintage cement tiles do not need much maintenance; however, you must be sure to clean with nonabrasive cleaning materials.

Abrasive grit in certain chemicals and mops may cause damage. Acidic cleaners will also cause damage and should be avoided for use on vintage cement tiles.

For ongoing maintenance, simply mop or wipe with clear water or a natural detergent. Sweeping or mopping regularly will help sure the durability of your floor.

Depending on foot traffic, periodic resealing may be necessary.