Tile Fur the Whole Family: Why Cement Tile is Great for Pet Owners

by Jenifer Dioneda
This might go down as our cutest blog post yet. 
At LiLi Tiles, we know how important your furry friends are, which is why picking a pet-proof floor is critical. When it comes to floor materials, cement tiles are an extremely durable option, especially for homes with plenty of paws running around. They are low maintenance and extremely easy to clean, which is absolutely necessary when you have pet hair everywhere.  
For all of the pet owners out there, below are a few more reasons why you and your furry friend will love cement tiles!
Odor Free

Say hello to the beautiful Emily, lounging comfortably on our Marrakesh 3 tiles. Unlike carpet and other soft materials, Emily’s accidents won't leave a long lasting smell. Plus, stains will not hang around on properly sealed cement tiles, making both pet and owner very happy! You can find our suggested sealer here.

No Harmful Chemicals 
Meet Marvin, our shaggy and adorable friend who loves playing on these chic Abigale 5 tiles. In case Marvin accidentally makes a mess, his owners make sure to clean it up right away using a nonabrasive pH neutral cleaner with no harmful chemicals, making cleaning up both safe and easy for the whole family.

Slip Resistant
We cannot get over how regal the gorgeous Bee looks laying next to our Lorely 1 tiles. When Bee is not relaxing, she loves running around the house. Our tiles are smooth yet non slippery, making them both comfortable and cool for dogs to play on. 

Can’t get enough of these fur babies? Head on over to our Instagram to see more LiLi pets lounging around, they sure do make the best models!

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