An Inspiring Coffee Shop

by Bernadette Quizon

We’re always grateful when we see our cement tiles used in restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops around the country. But there’s one particular place that recently stole our hearts.

- introducing Inspired Coffee!

Located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,  Inspired Coffee is whipping up some delicious drinks as they go about inspiring millions of people with their heartwarming mission of diversity for all.

The newest coffee shop in town raises the bar as they empower adults with disabilities to achieve their best in a fully-integrated café environment. Inspired Coffee employs individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities and provides them with proper job training and coaching.
We also believe inclusion is critical in our society and we truly humbled to have our tiles featured in this incredible space!

We're hoping more organizations will follow the path led by Inspired Coffee in helping people with disabilities succeed in the workforce and inspire them to live a more fulfilling life.

Inspired Coffee is now open! Check out their website here or stop by next time you’re in town!

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