Outdoor Adventures

by Jenifer Dioneda
Do you love hosting family and friends but feel your outdoor space needs some love?
LiLi cement tiles are not only a great addition for inside your home, but they can also completely transform an outdoor space into something magical. Our tiles are the perfect choice for spicing up an outdoor area as they’re low maintenance, durable, and incredibly elegant. The only place LiLi Cement Tiles can NOT be installed is inside a swimming pool (including a water line), however a swimming pool surround is fair game!

Browse through some of our favorite outdoor installations & get inspired for your next project!
1. Small Decorative Accent 
Just the right touch of pattern! The soothing blues of our intricate Paris 5 tile allow this plant to pop and bring this home’s exterior to a new level. This is the perfect example of how a simple change can do wonders to the look and feel of your home. 
2. Steps and Walkway
Picture this: walking into your home with confidence knowing that your new tiled steps add just the right amount of pizazz. Look at how the beautiful blue and grey Moroccan inspired Juliet 3 completely elevates the entrance. Or how the classical black and white Taormina 1 tile path gives this home an edgy yet modern vibe. 

3. Outdoor Patio 
 This one of a kind outdoor patio deserves a piece from our one of a kind tile collection. How cool is our  peacock - inspired Olga 5 with its curvy and unique design? If you love hosting friends and family this will be a surefire show stopper. 

Whether you have a proclivity for calming hues like blue and grey, or you’re more interested in bold, bright colors, our collection has it all. 

Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration and browse our website for the perfect tile. Questions? Give us a call, we're happy to help you with all of your cement tile needs. 

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