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by Drew Henry

Introduction to Terrazzo Tile

Let’s talk terrazzo! Terrazzo tiles hold a special place in the hearts of interior designers and homeowners alike. Known for their mid-century modern roots and shimmering aggregate flecks, these trendy tiles rack up some serious style points. Terrazzo tiles are nothing short of an artistic medium, offering a vibrant expression of creativity in the world of architecture and design. Ready to learn more? The LiLi Tile team of design experts outlines everything you need to know about terrazzo here in our terrazzo tile guide! 


What is Terrazzo Tile? 

Terrazzo is a unique mixture consisting primarily of chips of marble, granite, quartz, or even glass poured with a binder that is then polished when it hardens to create a sleek and stylish surface. Every terrazzo tile is completely unique, offering a wide variety of designs and colors to fit any style home. 

For example, you could add a bold black and white terrazzo tile, like our Marta design, to beautifully contrast against white cabinetry. Or, you could tile your living room in a classic pattern like our Confetti tile for a retro mid-century look. Finally, you could create a spa-like bathroom retreat with an organic pattern, like our Ocean Wave tile with specks of Mother of Pearl that mimic the ocean current. Not only will your mornings feel more refreshing, but these nature-inspired terrazzo tiles will also create an interesting focal point in your bathroom.

Confetti Tile

Terrazzo is very stylish, and our cement terrazzo tiles offer a unique finish with unsurpassed durability for any area of your home — from the kitchen and living room to the bathroom and patio. There truly are no limits when it comes to experimenting with this fantastic material. You could add playful pink terrazzo tiles to your child's bathroom floor or elegant designs on your fireplace surround for a high-end look. Terrazzo tile is a pure expression of your taste and style! So, when planning your next renovation project, remember the magic that lies within terrazzo tiles. 

The Origin and Popularity of Terrazzo Tile

You’ve probably seen terrazzo tile before, but do you know where the design originates from? The story begins in 15th-century Venice, where resourceful Italian mosaic workers discovered an innovative way to repurpose discarded chips from marble slabs. They collected these fragments, laid them on clay bases, and ground them until they revealed a glistening surface which was named “terrazzo,” Italian for terrace. It didn’t take long for this trend to spread across Europe and the rest of the globe. The material has endured through many decades and styles, including the Art Deco and mid-century modern aesthetics. 

Fast-forward to today, and you can see terrazzo is back and bigger than ever! This second wind of popularity is thanks to a resurgence in mid-century modern design, trends toward more colorful and personalized interiors, and its unmatched durability. Just think about this—those Venetian workers' creations remain intact centuries later!  

Today’s terrazzo isn't just your grandparent's gray or white terrazzo tile anymore. Designers are creating terrazzo tiles with more colors and patterns than ever before. From serene blue terrazzo tiles evocative of Mediterranean coasts like our Sefi tile to bold geometric patterns like our Raffia, the terrazzo options seem endless. There’s no denying that this versatile material has stood the test of time while continuously evolving.


Variations of Terrazzo: Honed, Polished, and Epoxy

Terrazzo is loved for its variety, including its finish. That’s right, there isn’t just one type of terrazzo tile finish out there. Popular options include honed, polished, and epoxy. We’re also big fans of specialty variations like our Mother of Pearl tiles, which use gleaming Mother of Pearl flakes for even more glimmer and shine! So, what are the differences between these three popular terrazzo tile finishes? 

The honed finish is basically the tile's “au naturel” state, allowing it to embody that raw beauty we all love. For those who prefer surfaces with a bit more protection from daily wear and tear, it’s a good idea to seal honed tiles. The sealing process does not alter the matte appearance but does render them resistant to staining and etching, making them a fantastic choice for bathroom floors or shower tiles. 

In stark contrast to the laid-back elegance of the honed terrazzo finish are polished terrazzo tiles. The shine adds an extra level of pure shimmering glamor! A polished look allows the vibrant terrazzo flakes to really shine. Intricacies become pronounced as each colorful chip starts to sparkle like mini stars within a night sky. You get something truly spectacular — vibrant colors dancing off every inch of your kitchen floor or your living room's feature wall. And if you're wondering about their practicality, rest assured that this finish is ultra-durable. 

Last but not least, let's talk about epoxy. No, we aren't talking about some industrial adhesive here! In terms of terrazzo world lingo, the epoxy finish is an impenetrable and durable option that can withstand anything. It’s ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic or need to endure repeated cleaning, like lobbies or commercial spaces.

Isn’t it fascinating how versatile one type of flooring material can be? Whether you’re on team honed, polished, or epoxy – there’s a terrazzo out there waiting for you! Let’s learn a little more about these finishes. 


Honed Terrazzo Tile: Soft Matte Finish

There's something undeniably soothing about the soft matte finish of honed terrazzo tile. Unlike its polished counterpart, this version offers a subtler shine, striking the perfect balance between understated elegance and modern chic. Honed terrazzo provides a velvety smooth surface, ideal for those who prefer going barefoot in their homes! Plus, the honed finish is safer for wet areas, making this a great option for pool decks, showers, and bathroom floors

However, honed terrazzo isn’t limited to wet areas. It can also provide a stunning focal point to fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and even accent walls. The best part? You can customize the size and design according to your preferences to create your own art piece. Our smaller 6x6 Centro terrazzo tiles are perfect for these more decorative applications. 

These tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional, too. The honed variation offers superb durability paired with ease of maintenance, perfect for high-traffic areas in homes or commercial establishments alike. There’s no limit to where you can install these pieces — be it as stylish flooring or as experimental additions on walls — they're absolutely stunning when used for both purposes.


Bold and Innovative: Polished Terrazzo Tile

Now, let's talk about something for the bold and glamorous — polished terrazzo tile. Polished terrazzo highlights all the best features of this dynamic material and captures your attention with a dazzling reflective shine. Talk about eye-catching! 

And the colors? Oh, they're as diverse as they come, from flamboyant pink terrazzo tile that instantly adds a pop of color to your living space to calming blue terrazzo tile that mimics the serene coastline on a quiet afternoon. No matter your home’s palette, there’s a polished terrazzo tile that will beautifully complement the rest of your style. 

Polished terrazzo tiles are also very durable, making them a great option for high-traffic and wet areas. Play with colors and textures when deciding which type of terrazzo best suits you. Whether you want gray terrazzo tile for a sleek, modern look or pink terrazzo tile for something playful and fun, you’re sure to find something that not only matches your aesthetic but also meets your needs.


Epoxy Terrazzo: An Impenetrable and Durable Option

Terrazzo tiles have always had a long-standing reputation for being robust and resistant to the rigors of high-traffic zones. However, epoxy terrazzo takes that durability to the next level. 

Unlike other varieties, epoxy terrazzo is impervious to water and most chemical damage. So, it is an excellent choice for areas susceptible to spills or heavy cleaning, like the kitchen or bathroom. But just like honed and polished finishes, durable epoxy is stunningly beautiful. Nothing beats a material that’s easy to maintain and feels ultra-stylish at the same time. That's what you get when you choose epoxy terrazzo for your interiors.

Homeowners will appreciate how flexible this option can be when it comes to design possibilities, too! Whether you're looking for an understated terrazzo pattern like our Eden tile to complement your minimalist decor or aiming for a vibrant bathroom with an eye-catching pattern like our Honeycomb hex, there are plenty of options out there waiting for you to explore!

The Range of Colors in Our Collection

Picking out terrazzo is like being a kid in a candy store because there is such a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from! Our Terrazzo Collection features everything from soft grays and blues with Mother of Pearl chips capturing the feel of the seaside to bold geometric patterns that pack a bold bunch of mid-century style. You can't appreciate the appeal of terrazzo without immersing yourself in this marvelous material's expansive color palette. So, we invite you to check out all of our available options for inspiration! 

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Customizing Your Terrazzo: From Gray to Azure, Bold to Understated

With a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, customizing your space with terrazzo tiles has never been easier (or more fun). The possibilities are truly endless, whether you want to create a serene bathroom with tiles from our Wave & Sand Collection or embrace a fun, party-house atmosphere with our Confetti tile.  Whether you want the peaceful feel from shades of gray to azure or something a little bolder, terrazzo has you covered. 

Terrazzo Tile Application in Various Areas of a Space

Ready to get into the fun part? It’s time to design your space and plan your terrazzo tile application! Think of yourself as the artist, and your home is a blank canvas for you to paint with color, patterns, textures, and, of course, tiles. Here’s some space inspiration to get you started. 

Let's start at the heart of every home — the kitchen. A terrazzo tile kitchen backsplash not only adds an element of surprise but also stands as a testament to your refined taste.

Why not bring some drama with black terrazzo tile in unexpected places like laundry rooms or mudrooms? These durable and easy-to-clean tiles are perfect for high-traffic areas.

In the bedrooms, you can add terrazzo tile floors for a cool mid-century feel or get creative with the material to create a stunning accent wall. Of course, you can add matching tile in the en suite bathrooms for a unified and cohesive feel. 

And what about outdoor settings? Terrazzo isn’t just for the indoors. Terrazzo tile is durable enough to withstand the elements while leveling up the style of our outdoor patio spaces. We recommend going with light colors that reflect heat for a cooler feel underfoot. 

From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom flooring, from hallways to bedrooms and beyond, terrazzo tiles offer an unending panorama of artistic possibilities that help you create spaces that reflect your unique tastes and personality. Whether you choose terrazzo for your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, one thing’s for sure — terrazzo is terrific! 

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