The LiLi Restaurant Week Tour

by Jenifer Dioneda

Vibrant colors? Timeless designs? Commercial durability? All of the above! We’re honored to have our cement tiles used in a variety of commercial spaces around the country. Join us as we make our way through the US highlighting our favorite food stops and sharing our go-to eats!
Warning: side effects may include drooling, hunger, and extreme inspiration!


Our first stop takes us to the one & only Serafina Back Bay in Boston! 💕 You can gaze at our custom colored Serena tiles between hearty bites of pasta, pizza, and top notch burgers 🍝🍕🍔 Plus, this trendy spot has some of the best brunch in town! French toast AND French fries? Say no more.

New Jersey
Another one bites the crust! 🥟 Lunch time doesn't get much better than this - we’re makin our way to the heart of the Middle East (actually New Jersey 🤫) with the phenomenal cuisine found at Zendiggi Kebab House 🥙🍢 The only thing better than those Lorraine 5 cement tiles are these Chicken Shawarma Spinach Goat Cheese Empanadas 😱 
A bit further down the state is our next stop, Cargot Brasserie⁠ 🍪 This French bistro found on the edge of Princeton University's campus features our Kathrine 1 cement tiles in a custom blue & red coloration, It also has some of the best croissants on the East Coast, which means we'll be dreaming of fresh baked pastries all day long 🥐 Bon Appetit!


We've drooled over this place a million times, what's one more? 🤤 The next stop of the LiLi Restaurant week tour is a personal favorite, K'Far Cafe 💗 Found in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love, this Israeli bakery & restaurant is unlike any other 🍽️ From the dishes to the décor (shoutout to our pink Tiffany tiles) it's a surefire experience for all your senses! 👁️👄👃🏼Who's hungry?⁠

Let’s continue our journey down south to the edgy Cultivate Food + Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia. This farm-to-table kitchen serves up some of the best brunch and coffee you’ll find in the area. Better yet, enjoy some good company with master chef, Cameron Dangerfield @cookingwithcam while you marvel at our sleek Eden 3. This reimagined geometric navy blue design provides the perfect optical twist for this modern location.
We love a cute family-owned restaurant with an even cuter name! Join us for a tipsy lemonade at Never Enough Thyme in Alpharetta, GA and admire this gorgeous bar background, cladded to perfection with our Crest cement tile!⁠ 🍋
No, it's not a reflection - but yes, you might be tipsy 😜 Hey, we can't blame you, the drinks here are just THAT good! 🍸 Our tour moves down the coast to the Spotted Donkey Cantina in Clearwater Florida 🚌 This lively bar is not only beautiful (shout-out to our Sofia 3 tiles), it also serves some of the best margaritas in town! 🍹 We'll drink to that!⁠ 🥂
Not too far down is Agave Azul Cocina Mexicana in Winter Park Florida, a contemporary Mexican restaurant specializing in traditional hand-crafted dishes with a twist 🌯 and judging by this juicy cocktail we'd say it's pretty delicious! 🍹 We may be biased, but those Casablanca tiles make the perfect background. Cheers to tacos, tiles, & tequila! 🌮
Did someone say Mardi Gras? You won't find any beignets at this stop, but True Food Kitchen in New Orleans knowns just how to steal your heart and be good for it too with healthy food that tastes as good as it looks! 💚 We’re stopping by this funky joint to get our daily fill of veggies & take a peek at that gorgeous inlay of our Florence 5 cement tiles in hardwood floors! ⁠🥦🍠🥕🍅🌽🍆
Heading to Inspired Coffee in Lake Geneva to grab coffee and top-notch pastries (courtesy of Hummingbird Bake Shop) 🥐 This inspiring coffee shop has more than just great décor (shout-out to our solid hexes in the back), they're on a mission of inclusivity for all - enabling adults with disabilities to live beautiful and full lives as active employees of a busting café 🥰 Now that's what we call good coffee! ⁠☕

The final stop of our tour is La Storia Ristorante, found in the great windy city of Chicago. Enjoy classic Italian food and colorful cocktails while admiring our Lorraine 5 tiles out on the back terrace.
We hope you enjoyed this virtual adventure through some of our favorite restaurants around the country! Stop by next time you’re in town for some delicious food and even better décor! Au revoir!

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