Define The Style: Cottagecore Design

by Drew Henry

Welcome to Cottagecore Design 101!  

If your idea of the perfect day is frolicking through a field of wildflowers, buying fresh eggs from the local farmers market, and cozying up with a good book by the fireplace, then you might be a fan of the Cottagecore design style. But what is Cottagecore design exactly, and how can you add Cottagecore style to your home? Don’t worry! The LiLi Team defines the style and answers all your questions. Now, it’s time for Cottagecore Design 101. Class is in session! 

What is Cottagecore Style?  

Cottagecore is a new name for an old style, replacing classic Cottage and Shabby Chic design. This design trend draws inspiration from a romanticized view of countryside life, nostalgia from grandma’s house, and cozy comforts. While Cottagecore design embraces vintage patterns and antiques, it is anything but dusty or stuffy. Instead, Cottagecore homes are filled with light and airy vibes, utilizing crisp neutrals and plenty of natural light. More importantly, Cottagecore is a lifestyle. So, your Cottagecore-inspired home should streamline your daily life and evoke a sense of relaxation.   

How Did the Cottagecore Trend Become So Popular?

Since 2020, you’ve probably seen the Cottagecore style pop up in your Instagram and TikTok feeds — maybe even taking them over completely! So, how did the Cottagecore trend become so popular? Ironically, while Cottagecore is exploding on social media, the style encourages us to break from modern distractions and take time to unplug and unwind. Cottagecore homes often include tranquil spaces, like secret gardens, reading nooks, and banquettes for afternoon tea. Little nostalgic embraces create a welcoming feel and allow us to take a much-needed break!

Additionally, heavily personalized styles like Cottagecore are rising in popularity in the design world. Interior designers and homeowners are moving away from stark white walls, clean lines, and limited patterns and embracing bold colors, pattern mixing, and personalized style. At LiLi Tile, we’re all about color and pattern. So, we can see why this trend is taking off! 

Where to Find Cottagecore Inspiration

The original picturesque cottages originated in England centuries ago and served as modest residences for farmers or “cotters.” These original cottages contain many design elements still prevalent in the Cottagecore style, including cobblestone pathways, gable rooflines, exposed beams, and floral-inspired patterns. When it comes to Cottagecore inspiration, however, you are not limited to the English countryside. The Cottagecore style revolves around the core element of comfort, allowing you to throw in any cozy piece that suits your fancy. For example, you could create a Coastal, Craftsman, or Southern Cottage. When searching for inspiration, choose elements that give you that warm feeling of home. 

10 Ways to Add Cottagecore Style to Your Home

Now that you know a little bit more about Cottagecore design, it’s time to recreate the look for yourself. Here are 10 ways to add Cottagecore style to your home. 

1. Stick to a Neutral Backdrop 

When designing your Cottagecore home, stick to a neutral backdrop of warm whites and light earth tones. Now, we know we said the Cottagecore style thrives on color and pattern. Bring in your rich colors and intricate patterns through accent pieces, like throw pillows, curtains, and even backsplash tiles. The neutral backdrop will help showcase these one-of-a-kind pieces. 

2. Go Antiquing  

Hit the antique mall or raid your family storage unit to achieve that regal but lived-in feel Cottagecore style is known for. Show off family heirlooms, display vintage china, and anchor your rooms with restored antique pieces. Before you settle on a furniture piece, ask, “Does this have character?”


3. Embrace Floral Patterns 

Like the Shabby Chic style of the 90s, Cottagecore embraces floral patterns. Look for places to bring in floral elements. Great options include textiles, artwork, and even tiles. Our Flora cement tile collection offers a more stubble take on a classic floral pattern and is available in 5 Cottagecore-approved color palettes.  

4. Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Cottagecore style is all about creating cozy spaces to unplug and unwind. Incorporate a cozy reading corner into your home, preferably by a window with an amazing countryside view. Create the area with an oversized wingback chair, an ottoman, large bookshelves, a vintage lamp, a side table, and a cozy throw pillow or two. 


5. Design a Farmhouse Kitchen 

To play off the countryside feel, design a farmhouse-style kitchen for your cottage abode. Get the look by selecting elements like a vintage farmhouse sink, butcher block counters, white cabinets, and open shelving. For a backsplash tile, take some relaxing inspiration from babbling countryside brooks with our Pebble cement tile collection. This collection comes in 3 color variations with gorgeous pastel accents. 

6. Set Up a Spot for Afternoon Tea

Instead of having just an ordinary breakfast nook in your kitchen, why not set up a designated spot for afternoon tea? To create a cozy teatime spot, consider adding a bay window to the space with a built-in banquette. Allow the sunshine to pour in, and keep your tea set out for easy access. 

7. Plant a Secret Garden  

Take a page from English cottage design, and add a secret garden to your Cottagecore retreat. To create the look, lay a cobblestone patio, construct brick walls for privacy, plant ivy to crawl up the walls, and add French doors opening onto the space.  

8. Gather Around the Fireplace

What could be better than ending the day cozying up by a roaring fire with a hot chocolate in hand? Make your fireplace a focal point to gather around and add a cozy layer to your room. To make the hearth stand out, accent it with a boldly patterned tile. Our Versailles cement tile collection brings French country flare to your Cottagecore design.  

9. Add Wood Beams, Paneling, and Shiplap 

Embrace wood accents to get that cozy cottage feel. Depending on the Cottagecore style you want to lean into, you could add rustic wood beams, classic paneling, or farmhouse shiplap. If you are concerned that the wood will be too dark, lighten it up with a coat of white paint.  


10. Embrace Enchanting Details 

Finally, don’t be afraid to embrace enchanting details throughout your design. Whether it's unique fixtures, delicate prints, or bold patterns on the backsplash - your home should be a cozy space for you to unwind.


Create the Ultimate Countryside Retreat — Even in the City 

While a countryside view is a nice element to have in your Cottagecore design scheme, it’s not required. You can embrace the cottage style even in your city apartment. Just remember to think cozy! Incorporate vintage elements, unique finds, and enchanting patterns.  

Well, that’s our class. Now it’s time to get started on your homework — designing a beautiful space to call home! 

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