Everything You Need to Know About Terracotta Tile

by Drew Henry

Ready to Hop on the Terracotta Tile Trend? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About These Clay Tiles…

If you keep up with the interior design trends like us, you’ve probably noticed that terracotta tiles are taking over. However, terracotta is nothing new in the design world. In fact, it’s been used for thousands of years, making these clay tiles as classic and timeless as they come. As homeowners and designers embrace warmer color palettes and more unique finishes, terracotta tiles are once again finding their time in the sun. Wondering if the terracotta tile trend is the right fit for your space? The LiLi Tile design experts are here to share exactly what you need to know about terracotta tile.

What are Terracotta Tiles? 

Terracotta tiles, from the Italian words "terra" meaning earth and "cotta" meaning baked, are as straightforward as their name implies. They are tiles fashioned from clay that has been fired in a kiln until it achieves a hardness suitable for flooring applications. This handmade process gives every tile a unique touch, which reflects the essence of traditional Mexican artistry when speaking about Mexican terracotta.
The vibrant color range is mainly known for its rich rusty red color, but other color variations like charcoal and white are available. These earth tones create a captivating ambiance that enchants audiences worldwide.

The construction of terracotta tile flooring embodies an age-old art form that has been cherished throughout time for its beauty and durability. Sizes can vary greatly, but two of the most common sizes you'll encounter are 12x12 squares or 16x16 squares, though rectangular shapes like 8x16 are also frequently used to create varying patterns on floors and walls alike.

In addition to these standard sizes, there's an array of custom designs available for those seeking to make a more personalized statement with their decor. While appealing indoors - such as in your kitchen where spillages can occur - terracotta tiles also fare well under heavy use outdoors due to their natural resistance to weather elements such as rain and sun exposure.
They are not just ceramic tiles; they encapsulate age-old artistry, durability, and easy maintenance in each unique piece. From 12x12 squares indoors to weather-resistant rectangles for your patio - every tile tells a story of baked earth that's sure to mesmerize all visitors to your abode.

How are Terracotta Tiles Made? 

Terracotta comes from the Italian phrase for “baked earth,” which actually gives quite a lot of insight into how these clay tiles are made! Here at LiLi Tile, we follow the traditional manufacturing process for the clay tiles in our Terracotta Collection. Each tile is molded from natural clay and baked in a wood oven. Unlike gas or electric kilns, the open flame of a wood oven bake results in beautifully unpredictable variations for a character-rich result. 

Why are Terracotta Tiles Trending Right Now? 

Terracotta tiles have been around for thousands of years. So why are these old-world clay tiles becoming a modern terracotta trend? Homeowners and designers are moving away from stark white interiors and embracing warmer color palettes. Terracotta’s natural earth tones provide a rich backdrop that is still neutral enough to layer in other materials and patterns.  From idyllic country kitchens to sleek city living rooms, terracotta’s warm tones complement an array of styles while serving as robust flooring that stands up well under heavy use. It renders itself particularly useful in wet areas like bathrooms or pool sides where other flooring options might not fare as well.

Size specification is no hurdle with terracotta either! With sizes ranging from 12x12 squares to more traditional rectangles used commonly for brick patterns – you can tailor your floor based on your personal aesthetic preference without sacrificing functionality or durability.
Whether you’re looking at embarking on an extensive renovation project or simply seeking ways to invigorate your space – there's almost certainly a form of terracotta that fits the bill seamlessly. One cannot ignore the pivotal role advanced technology is playing in the terracotta trend.
With the advent of room visualizer tools, homeowners can now virtually lay their flooring and observe what impact different types and shades of terracotta tiles would have on their overall decor. Such a tool not only reduces uncertainty but also inspires creativity - you can compare, contrast, unseal your imagination, and customize your selection to achieve that perfect blend of warmth and style that terra cotta guarantees.

Benefits of Terracotta Tile

The list of terracotta tile benefits goes on and on. Here are some of our customers’ favorite features of our Terracotta Collection clay tiles. 


Thanks to their wood-fired bake, terracotta tiles are incredibly strong, durable, and easy to maintain. For example, our Terracotta Collection is suitable for both residential and commercial use, indoor and outdoor settings, and wet and dry applications. You can use our strong clay tiles for your shower, kitchen backsplash, patio, living room floor, and more. 


Terracotta is a natural product made from clay, making it a sustainable option for finishing your interior and exterior spaces. At LiLi Tile, we use the same manufacturing process that’s been embraced for centuries to produce the tiles in our Terra Collection. The handmade touch adds to the beauty and eco-friendly design. 


Thanks to their strength and earthy color palette, terracotta tiles are durable and versatile enough to be used in almost any space. Terracotta tiles are often associated with Spanish Mission and Mediterranean architecture. However, they also feel right at home in the contemporary and farmhouse styles. 

Uniquely Beautiful 

The flames of a wood fire kiln are unpredictable, meaning each freshly baked tile that comes out of the oven is unique. No two tiles in our Terracotta Collection are the same. Their rustic charm fits right into historic spaces and adds instant character to new construction homes. Each tile is just as unique as you! 

Terracotta Tile Inspiration for Your Home

Tempted to try the terracotta tile trend but don’t know where to start? Our home design experts have a few ideas to fit any space. 

Rustic Dining Room Flooring

How does sipping a glass of wine in an Italian villa sound? Now, how about taking that old-world style to your home? Terracotta flooring is a beautiful option to ground your rustic Mediterranean or Tuscan-style dining room. The rich red hues set the mood, and some design experts say the color even whets your appetite. 

Warm Kitchen Backsplash 

Ready to jump-start your kitchen remodel? One of the most impactful updates you can make is upgrading your backsplash. While a scale or hexagon terracotta tile will have a big design impact, the natural clay tones are neutral enough to coordinate with most existing finishes, making this an easy DIY project. Plus, terracotta is a durable material that will make kitchen cleanup a breeze. 

Eye-catching Fireplace Surround 

Terracotta tiles are made with fire, so it only makes sense that they would look good next to a fire, right? Whatever logic you use, terracotta tiles are a beautiful option for fireplace surrounds, adding rustic charm and layered texture to your room. 


Low-maintenance Backyard Patio

If you’re looking for backyard makeover ideas, look no further than clay terracotta tiles. These tiles are durable enough to stand up to the elements, instantly transforming your backyard into an inviting Spanish-style courtyard. 

Inviting Outdoor Fire Pit 

Terracotta is one design element that can take the heat! Use these clay tiles to line your outdoor fire pit, creating a cozy gathering space on chilly nights. Plus, terracotta tiles will complement those roasted marshmallows just as well as they do your backyard decor. 

Meet the LiLi Terracotta Collection

At LiLi Tile, we’re mostly known for our bright, vibrant, and colorful cement tiles. But we’re always looking for new and exciting materials we can create for our customers, from glazed tiles to terrazzo and now our new Terracotta Collection. Our Terracotta tiles are available in Red, White, and Charcoal Clay variations. So, you can style a space that’s terra-tastic! Shop the entire collection, and start designing your room today. 

Shop the Terracotta Collection

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