Fireplace Tile Ideas to Elevate Your Living Space in 2024

by Drew Henry

Transforming Your Hearth: Explore Fireplace Tile Designs

The fireplace is more than a focal point and source of warmth — it’s the heart of the home! This cozy spot is where we gather to share stories, hang holiday stockings, and pose for family photos. But what turns a simple fireplace design into a stunning home showpiece? The answer is tile! Stylish fireplace tile designs can transform the look of your hearth and redefine the ambiance of your entire room. 

Abigayle 4 Cement Tile

Tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes, creating endless possibilities for your fireplace design. So, where do you start? Our LiLi Tile design experts are here to help. We’re sharing everything you need to know about fireplace tile and how to select the right tile to create a stunning focal point design. Whether you prefer a modern or rustic feel, this guide to fireplace and tile design will ignite your imagination and inspire a transformation that could become the standout feature of your home.

What are the Best Tiles to Use Around a Fireplace?

When it comes to the best tiles for your fireplace surround and hearth, you need to look for materials that can do double duty. They can’t just look beautiful; they’ve got to stand up to the heat! Consider the material’s aesthetic appeal and its heat-resistant properties. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular choices thanks to their wide range of colors and styles, ability to withstand high temperatures, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Terracotta clay tiles offer a more rustic charm than their ceramic cousins but just as much durability. Cement tiles also absorb heat well and come in beautiful colors and patterns that pack an even bigger punch of unique style. 


Terracotta Tile Fireplace Surround

Why Choose Ceramic Tile for Your Fireplace Surround?

A ceramic tile fireplace surround is a tried-and-true favorite. Not only are ceramic tiles non-combustible, ensuring safety around the fireplace, but they also offer a considerable array of glaze colors and textures. For example, our porcelain tile line comes in Crackle, Frost, and even Metallic finishes to fit any design aesthetic. Selecting a unique finish or lay pattern like a herringbone or vertical stack adds depth and interest to the heart of your home.

Can You Create a Marble Hearth for a Luxury Look?

Marble has long been revered for its elegance and beauty. Adding a marble hearth or using marble tile for your fireplace surround instantly elevates your space, creating that luxury feel. Whether you opt for classic white with subtle veining or striking black marble for a bold, monochromatic look, it's a surefire way to add elegance and a one-of-a-kind design element that reflects your personal style.

How Does a Subway Tile Fireplace Add Timeless Charm?

Subway tiles are known for their clean rectangular shape. While white ceramic is the classic subway look, these tiles come in a wide variety of colors and materials for you to personalize your fireplace design. Our Baguette tiles range from shades of clean white to warm rusts to playful patterns. You can lay subway tiles in a classic brick pattern or add a modern edge with a horizontal or vertical stack. 

What Textured Tile Options Bring Depth to Your Fireplace?

One way to make a room feel spacious, inviting, and interesting is by layering textures throughout the design scheme — even on the fireplace surround! Textured tiles feature raised designs that create a tactile experience, casting interesting shadows and creating visual intrigue. From stone-like textures to geometric, three-dimensional surfaces, textured tiles can turn your fireplace into a tactile showpiece that makes a strong statement. You can also create visual texture with brass tiles that reflect the flickering light of the fire for a truly dynamic look that sparkles.

Dragon Elite Tile - Brass Insert Collection 


Is a Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surround a Bold Choice?

With its intricate designs and range of colors and finishes, mosaic tile can add a playful and artistic touch to your fireplace surround. A colorful mosaic in a starburst pattern can act as a stunning focal point, whereas a mosaic in soft pink or soft green hues can infuse your space with subtle color and visual interest. Terracotta mosaics showcase the subtle color variations of the material while still feeling neutral. Mosaics can work in both modern and rustic settings, adaptable to the home's overall design.

How to Achieve a Rustic Living Room with a Stone Fireplace

For a rustic feel, natural stone tiles like slate, limestone, or travertine can bring the charm of the outdoors inside. Their natural colors and rugged surface offer a beautiful contrast to the soft furnishings typically found in a rustic living room. Coupling a stone fireplace with reclaimed wood mantels amplifies the rustic appeal, creating a cozy setting.

Are Porcelain Tiles a Durable Option for Your Fireplace Area?

Porcelain tiles are extra durable and can be used everywhere in your home, from the pool to the fireplace. Because porcelain is less porous than other types of tile, it is highly resistant to stains, scratches, and fading. So, it will be easy to clean your hearth and surround after lighting a fire. Porcelain tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from large-format tiles that provide a clean, contemporary feel to smaller hexagon tiles that create more intricate patterns and designs.

2x8 Porcelain Tiles

What Role Does Grout Play in Your Tile Fireplace Design?

Grout is more than just a filler for the gaps between your tiles. Opting for contrasting grout colors can accentuate the tile pattern, adding an additional layer of design around the fireplace. White grout lines blend seamlessly with white subway tiles for an all-white, minimalist look, while black grout would pop for a bolder, more contemporary design. The width of grout lines is also important and will vary depending on your style and material selection. For example, cement tiles look better with an ultra-thin grout line, while thick grout lines complement the rustic style of handmade terracotta tiles. 

How to Select the Perfect Tile Pattern for Your Fireplace

Choosing the right tile pattern can dramatically alter the visual impact of your fireplace. At LiLi Tile, we have dozens of designer patterns, including everything from solids to terrazzo and even canine patterns! The pattern on your tile makes a big visual impact on your fireplace surround. But you also have to consider your tile lay. 

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A herringbone tile pattern is dynamic and sophisticated. It is often associated with traditional and transitional decors and is an easy way to add a sense of movement to the space. More eclectic choices include a chevron or basketweave pattern, offering visual interest and a unique presentation while maintaining harmony that contributes to the overall design of your living space. Horizontal and vertical stacks give the sense of an architectural or modern design, perfect for contemporary spaces. If you are working with a patterned tile, do a dry lay first to ensure everything lines up! 

Can a Modern Fireplace Mantel Be Tiled for Visual Impact?

We’re all for creative ideas! Tiling a modern fireplace mantel can create an unexpected visual draw in a contemporary space. A sleek, all-black tile or a glossy geometric pattern can add a layer of sophistication above and around the fireplace, challenging traditional wooden mantel norms and anchoring the room with a modern appearance.

Installing Tile on This Fireplace: A DIY Project?

Are you a DIY weekend warrior? Installing tile on a fireplace can be an ambitious but rewarding home improvement project. With the right tools and a careful approach, you can tile your fireplace surround and hearth in one or two weekends. Just remember that fireplaces require heat-resistant materials and careful attention to tile placement and symmetrical alignment. If you’re working with an expensive material or a tile with a detailed pattern, it may be best to leave the installation to the experts. 

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Look with Hand-Painted Tile

Hand-painted tile can transform a mundane fireplace into a bespoke piece of art. There are endless pattern options out there, from florals to abstracts. This personalized touch makes the fireplace a conversational centerpiece and a reflection of your artistic flair. Here at LiLi, we consider every tile a piece of art, which is why we partner with artists for our exclusive Designer Series. These creative designs are just the start of your creative home design!   

Transform Your Fireplace with a Floor-to-Ceiling Tile Design

The more tile, the better! Taking tile from the hearth to the ceiling is a dramatic way to draw the eye up and add architectural interest to your space. Whether it's a rustic stone tile that evokes the grandeur of a lodge or a sleek and shiny porcelain tile for a modern fireplace, extending the tile to the vaulted ceiling can cement your fireplace's status as the grand focal point of the room. 

Why Your Fireplace Tile Should Complement the Overall Design Scheme

Paris 5 Cement Tile


When picking out a tile for your fireplace, it’s important to consider the rest of your home. Ultimately, your choice of fireplace tile should seamlessly integrate with the surrounding decor to create a cohesive aesthetic. Whether your home features an open-concept design, an eclectic mix of vintage and modern elements, or a cozy, rustic feel, your fireplace should complement what you already have (not compete with it). It’s all about coordination! 

Cozy Up by the Fireplace With Us

Are you ready to refresh your fireplace design so you can cozy up in style? The right tile choice can make all the difference in creating an eye-catching and inviting focal point. Consider the tile material choices out there and the style you want to create in your home. Will you go rustic, traditional, or modern and edgy? The choice is yours! Once your project is complete, you can relish the ultimate reward — a cup of hot cocoa next to the fire. 

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