The Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2023

by Drew Henry

New year, new home! The year 2023 is already ushering in fresh, new home-design and tile trends we are absolutely falling for. These new styles have a little something for everyone, from the dark and moody to the bright and fun. To help you discover your next look, the LiLi Tile Team has compiled a list of the top 10 home design trends for 2023. Join us as we reveal the new year's latest design, color, and tile trends.

1. Nature-inspired Patterns

Calling all plant parents! Our first 2023 interior design trend is for you. As you may know, houseplants are having a moment right now. Chances are you watered your monstera or succulent this morning. The houseplant trend only continues to blossom, making its way onto nature-inspired textiles, art, and even tiles. Hop on the trend with our Flora cement tiles, available in a range of colors from vibrant green to subtle monochrome. 

2. Moody and Dramatic Interiors  

So long to the days of boring beige! After all, why be dull when you can be dramatic? Moody, dark colors and dramatic accents are trending. Mastering this look is all about dreaming up something unexpected. Our recommendation is to add a little shimmer. Create a dramatic tile accent wall with our Meno brass inlay cement tiles. These simple black tiles feature a shiny brass inlay that will catch the light and add sparkle to your dramatic feature wall. 

3. Art Deco Designs 

The 2010s were all about mid-century modern decor, but a new, retro style trend is emerging in 2023: Art Deco. Popular in the 1920s, Art Deco design uses bold geometric patterns, rich colors, and metallic accents to achieve a glamorous look. If you’re questioning where to begin on this trend, think, “What would Gatsby do?” Our solution is to check out our Art Deco inspired Valentina cement tiles, which feature a classic Art Deco pattern in a soft color palette.  

4. Muted Colors

Bright colors aren’t for everyone. But we have good news for all the pastel and earth-tone lovers out there. Muted colors are trending in 2023! Now is the time to embrace soothing color palettes and understated style. However, that doesn’t mean your home can’t have a little pattern thrown into the mix. Our Tiffany elongated hex cement tiles feature a chic, jewel-inspired design available in six muted colors, including blush pink, army green, and dove gray. 

5. Bold Italian Design Imports

Italians know a thing or two about fashion, design, and pasta. Trends from Milan are making their way over to America. We recently partnered with the Italian Studio Original Designers 6r5 Network, to create our newest cement tile line: The Milano Collection. Bring bold, modern Italian design to your home, and live on the cutting edge of international style. 


White subway tiles are pretty, but they had their moment back in the 2010s. Now, homeowners and designers are shifting away from the standard, uniform material choices to make way for more meaningful selections. Before choosing a paint color, sofa, or backsplash tile, consider what it means to you and how it expresses your unique personality and interests. Why not honor your family pet by including their paw-trait in your backsplash with one of our Canine Collection tiles featuring six dog breeds? Fido is sure to appreciate their spot in the home. 

7. Mixing and Matching Patterns 

As lovers of color and pattern, we couldn’t be happier about this trend! After all, sometimes more is more. So, mix and match as many colors and patterns into your home as you’d like. When mixing patterns, try to balance small-scale and large-scale designs. Always test how they look together first, and don’t be afraid to play around with options. We have hundreds of tile patterns available to spark inspiration. 

8. Floor-to-ceiling Tile Accent Walls 

Why settle for a few rows of your favorite backsplash tile when you can tile the entire wall? Floor-to-ceiling tile accent walls are becoming a popular feature, especially in bathrooms. For this trend, you can go simple or bold. Why not go for something bold, right? We recommend exploring our mini hexagon tile options that offer geometric interest along with fun colors and patterns. 

9. Personalized Everything 

From monogrammed towels to custom built-ins to DIY art projects, 2023 interior design trends are all about personalization. It turns out it’s pretty fun to design things just for ourselves. Did you know you can also design your very own cement tiles? You can get started right now with our online Tile Customizer tool. We can’t wait to see what you create.  

10. Color, Whimsy, and Fun!

We started LiLi Tile because we saw a need to bring color, whimsy, and fun back to our homes. So, we couldn’t be happier about our final interior design trend for 2023. Our homes are personal expressions of ourselves, so we want to empower all of you to embrace your unique style and have a little fun with your designs. 

How to Incorporate 2023 Interior Design Trends into Your Home

There you have it, the top interior design trends for 2023! Before you start your next home design project, we have some advice for incorporating these new trends into your home. First, don’t feel pressured to hop on every design trend. Only pick the trends you love and can see yourself living with for the next few years. Next, start small. Rather than redoing your entire home, focus on one room or an accent. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The LiLi Team is always here to offer interior design and tile advice. Happy home designing!

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