Introducing the Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection

by Drew Henry

We are Excited to Share Our Newest Cement Tile Collection by Tomma Bloom 

The LiLi Tile Team is excited to partner with another fabulous artist for the latest collection in our Designer Series. Join us as we unveil our newest cement tile line — The Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection. These six playful and bold designs are crafted with the highest-grade Vietnamese cement using a process that is more than 150 years old. In this collection, modern musings meet age-old techniques to deliver thoughtful, impactful, and, of course, colorful tiles to adorn your space. Let’s meet the artist and reveal the designs. 

Meet Your Tile Designer: Tom Lerental of Tomma Bloom

“I’m devoted to creating a bold, playful, and joyous interior experience.”

A textile designer after our own hearts, Tom Lerental believes your space should be bold, colorful, and fun. Tom is the founder of Tomma Bloom, a textile studio based out of Boston. She received her bachelor’s of artin Textile Design from Shenkar College of Design and her master’s in Interdisciplinary Arts from Tel Aviv University. She leads her studio with a multidisciplinary approach — “creating tactile, joyous, and playful objects that illustrate textile design as a visual language” and designing beautiful interior products. She seeks to redefine the tools of the trade, using pattern, form, and color to create a tangible experience beyond the visual appeal. Tomma Bloom's designs catalyze joyful moments, igniting vibrant energy in residential and commercial interiors. 

Tom’s work is influenced by early 20th-Century art and role models like Pablo Picasso, who said, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."​​ This era informed her approach to design, teaching her to question common conceptions of the medium and opt for reinvention over tradition. Her playful designs go deeper, assessing our relationships between objects and storytelling. The end result is patterns that radiate energy, spark conversation, and bring a sparkle to the eye. This sentiment translates beautifully from her textiles to her new tile designs with LiLi Tile. 

Some of Tom’s notable projects and partnerships include: 

Tomma Bloom has been featured in publications such as HGTV Magazine, Azure, Wanted Design, and Design Milk. In addition, she will be presenting her new collection with LiLi Tile at the Wanted Design Manhattan showcase, May 21 through 23 at the Javits Center in NYC.

About the Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection

The Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection is the newest line in our Designer Series and an expansion of Tom’s Meta Ornament Collection. Meta Ornament is a study of embellishment and its part in design. This collection reflects on the role of ornaments, an object free from function with the sole purpose of delighting and enchanting the observer. Ornamentation, whether color or pattern, serves as a way to express personal style. LiLi Tile and Tomma Bloom both hold expressive and joyful design at the core of their beliefs, making this collection a perfect pairing.   

The Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection Line Up 

The Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection includes six new patterns with one color variation for each. However, all patterns can be customized and made to order, unlocking endless creative expression and joy. 


Paying homage to a practical object, the Zipper pattern features interlocking bars that create a strong rhythm that can be laid horizontally or vertically.  


Rhythmic but organic, the Preppy pattern features green stem forms crossing over onto adjoining tiles to create a united yet playful look. 


Like a bright personality, the Bubbly pattern showcases layers of effervescent shapes, including two hearts looking to meet in the middle.  


One of the sweetest patterns in the collection, Candy plays off the classic wrapped confection itching to be opened and enjoyed.  




Taking a bird’s-eye perspective, the Chime pattern delivers a structured yet free interpretation of breezy days filled with gentle reverberations. 


It’s hard not to make eyes at the Flirt pattern, combining rows of adjoining hearts that spark playful sentiments of meet-cutes and twee love.  



The Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection: Now Available for Your Space 

The tiles are here. Now it’s time for you to make them your own! We can’t wait to see how you adorn your space with these glistening ornaments from the Tomma Bloom x LiLi Tile Collection. Our cement tiles add a beautiful touch to residential properties and are durable enough for commercial installations. Use them anywhere from flooring and backsplashes to showers and outdoor patios. Start designing your joyful, personal, and colorful space. 

Samples are available now, and boxes currently have a 12-14 week lead time. Custom color options must be made to order and can vary in lead times. 

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