Rachel Metz Takes on a Cement Tile DIY Project

by Drew Henry

Rachel Metz from Living to DIY Learns How to Install LiLi Cement Tiles During Her Tiny Home Renovation 


The team here at LiLi Tile loves watching your design dreams come to life! Lately, we’ve been keeping up with Rachel Metz of Living to DIY. She recently set out to do her own tiny home renovation using some of our cement tiles to finish out her shower. Unlike most others, she decided to DIY this project! Let’s check in on her cement tile DIY and get some tips for installing cement tiles.  

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

Rachel Metz is a do-it-yourself influencer and the creator behind the Living to DIY YouTube channel. Her goal is to give an honest look at DIY projects, showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly. “No project is too big,” explains Rachel. “DIY is a lifestyle, and a means to pursue your dreams. It’s all about finding the right path as you go along.” 

She started her career doing arts and crafts, moved on to woodworking, and is now taking on an entire tiny house renovation by herself! However, she’s not letting this job intimidate her. As Rachel says, “practice makes progress.” 

Rachel Takes on a Cement Tile DIY Project in Her Tiny House Renovation 

Watch Rachel Metz Learn the Ins and Outs of Installing Cement Tile 

Before tackling the renovation of her tiny house bathroom, Rachel had some tiling experience with her dad. However, she felt like she had a lot to learn taking on the job by herself. “It was a lot for a first-timer,” says Rachel. “But, I stuck with it.” She researched how to install cement tile online, reached out to some fellow YouTubers, and went in with the confidence that she’d learn along the way. 

Here are some tips from Rachel’s cement tile installation project.  


Choosing the Right Cement Tile

First things first, you need to choose the right cement tile for your project. Rachel chose our White Mother of Pearl terrazzo cement tile for her shower walls. This tile has a clean and sleek look with a little added sparkle for some fun. 


Prepping the Space for Tiling

Before laying the bathroom tile, Rachel had to prep the space for tiling. First, she leveled her tiny home to ensure the tiles would be installed at a straight angle and prevent any shifts or cracking down the line. Then, she sanded her bathroom walls to create an even surface. 


Buttering and Setting Cement Tile

For her cement tile DIY project, Rachel bought a premixed thin-set rather than mixing herself to save time. She applied thin-set to the wall, back buttered her tiles, and carefully lined up her tiles in straight lines. At first, she used too much thin-set, and it took some trial and error to find the right amount. It takes patience to lay tile, but Rachel stuck it out! 


Grouting Cement Tile

Cement tiles are porous, which means they can stain easily. Rachel knew this, so she consulted our list of recommended grouts. Our suggested grouts are quartz-based, which means there are no color pigments present that can stain the tile. Instead, the naturally occurring colors of quartz give the grout its hue. 


Sealing Cement Tile

Cement tiles also need to be sealed to protect them from stains, scratches, and color deterioration. Rachel knew the importance of sealing her LiLi cement tiles with a recommended sealer, especially since she installed her tiles in a wet area.


Maintaining Cement Tile

After installation, LiLi tiles require little maintenance. Simply clean with a pH-neutral, natural cleaner and reseal the tiles as needed. Never use grit, ammonia, bleach, or vinegar to clean cement tiles, as these cleaners can damage the finish.


Adding Finishing Touches 

Rachel didn’t stop her cement tile DIY project at her shower! She carried our Mother of Pearl terrazzo cement tile into a cute accent shelf over her sink. This recessed shelf adds much-needed storage to the tiny home and a little extra sparkle to brighten up the space. 


Watch Rachel Metz Build a Cement Tile Accent Shelf 


The LiLi Tile Team is Here to Help With Your Cement Tile Installation (Both DIY and Professional) 

At LiLi Tile, we want to see your design dreams come to life! That’s why we are always here to answer your installation questions via web chat, call, or our installation guide

When properly installed, cement tiles will last for generations to come. Make sure to consult all of our online resources and the installation instructions that come in every box of our cement tiles. If you have the DIY confidence of Rachel Metz, go forth! However, if you are unsure how to install your tiles, we recommend seeking professional help. 

DIY can be fun. But when in doubt, hire a professional! 

Rachel’s Final Tips and Takeaways from Her Cement Tile DIY Project

Rachel says the biggest tip from her cement tile DIY experience is to “just start.” She concludes, “I never thought I’d be able to build a room from the ground up but look at me go! I hope I can inspire all of you to take on a project in your home with the tools in front of you. All you have to do is start.” 

Thank you for the great advice and inspiration, Rachel! Keep up with Rachel’s tiny house renovation and future DIY projects on her social media channels. 


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