Upgrade Your Fireplace with a Holiday Refresh

by Drew Henry

Does Your Holiday Wish List Include Some New Fireplace Inspiration?  

There’s nothing quite like cozying up next to the fireplace during the holidays. The roaring fire sets the perfect backdrop for sipping hot chocolate, trimming the tree, and watching the first snowfall. Did your fireplace make it onto the nice list this year, or is it getting another lump of coal to add to the fire? Bring your fireplace into Christmas Present with some help from the elves at LiLi Tile. We’ll show you how to upgrade your fireplace with a holiday refresh — dashing through the snow and sharing some holiday fireplace inspiration along the way.   

Why Should You Upgrade Your Fireplace for the Holidays?

So, why should you plan a fireplace upgrade before the holiday season? Here are the top 4 reasons you should invest in a holiday fireplace refresh. 


1. Create the Picture-perfect Backdrop 

Want to snap the perfect picture for your holiday card? The fireplace makes a great backdrop. Showcase your family’s style with personalized fireplace hearth tiles, garlands, and stockings. 

2. Impress Your Guests

Be the host with the most this season, and impress your guests with a brand new living room focal point to ring in the new year.  

3. Make a Cozy Gathering Space

Everyone loves cozying up next to the fire on a cold winter day. Create a welcoming spot for your family and friends to gather around with a warm and inviting new fireplace.  

4. Provide a Stylish Landing Zone for Santa

The top reason to plan a holiday fireplace refresh is to impress the big man himself: Santa Claus. Giving Santa a stylish landing pad may be just enough to get you on the nice list this year. 

Upgrade Your Fireplace With These Simple Holiday Refresh Ideas

Here are a few simple ways to upgrade your fireplace just in time for the holiday season. 


1. Install a Mantel 

Get your fireplace holiday-ready by installing a mantel above the firebox. A mantel provides the perfect spot to display holiday photos, drape garland, and, of course, hang holiday stockings! We recommend going with an oversized mantel to make a statement. 

2. Retile the Fireplace Surround 

Refresh your fireplace with a brand new tile surround. When selecting fireplace finishes, you need to make sure they’re beautiful and fire-resistant. Cement tiles are a great option because they can take the heat while packing in some fabulous style. For a holiday fireplace refresh, we recommend our Spark cement tiles in blue and white. These Santa-approved tiles resemble falling snowflakes.   

3. Contrast Surround and Hearth Tiles

While the fireplace surround is the focal point, you can’t forget about the hearth. We recommend contrasting a dynamic wall tile like our Kathrine cement tile. Pairing a simple hearth tile with an interesting surround will help ground the space and draw the eye to the roaring fire.  


4. Add Custom Built-ins 

Create the illusion of a larger fireplace by adding custom built-ins to either side. You can use the additional shelves to display your favorite holiday decorations and photos. Consider painting your shelves a color that matches your cement tile fireplace surround to tie the whole look together.  

5. Create a Hearth Bench 

While some fireplace hearths are flush with the floor, others are raised to create a welcoming bench. A hearth bench provides the perfect place to cozy up by the fire on cold winter days. As an added holiday bonus, you can set up a convenient milk-and-cookie-station for Santa on your new hearth bench.  

6. Make an Accent Wall 

Sure, you can select new accent tiles for your fireplace surround. But why stop there? Why not tile the entire wall to create a dramatic focal point? Tiling all the way up the fireplace wall will establish a grand feel and help draw people around the fireplace. When tiling a large wall, you may want to go with a more minimalist pattern like our Glow brass inlay cement tile. These shimmering tiles look like shining holiday ornaments. 


7. Put Up Artwork 

Adding artwork above the fireplace mantel is another excellent way to showcase your personal style. Hang your favorite family portrait, a snowy landscape, or an abstract rendition of a Christmas tree. We recommend coordinating your fireplace artwork with your cement tile fireplace surround to establish a cohesive feel. 

8. Hang Your Stockings

Perhaps the best way to get your fireplace holiday ready is to hang your family stockings along the mantel with care. If you’re looking for fun stocking stuffers, we have you covered with our new LiLi Homes line of kitchen accessories inspired by our tile designs! 

The Tiles Were Hung by the Chimney with Care 

The tiles were hung by the chimney with care in hopes the best holiday memories would soon be made there. We make so many memories gathered around the fireplace during the holidays. Refreshing your space will make it all the more memorable and special. The LiLi Team wishes you a joyful, merry, and colorful holiday season!  

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