What is Regencycore Design? Everything You Need To Know

by Drew Henry

Just like your favorite Jane Austen novel, the Regency period was filled with silhouette dresses, fancy society parties, and opulent countryside manors perfect for afternoon tea. While the Regency period dates back over 200 years, the aesthetic is making a modern return to fashion, interiors, and even TikTok in the form of Regencycore

But what is Regencycore design exactly, and how can you add Regencycore style to your home? Don’t worry! The LiLi Team defines the style and answers all your questions. Now, it’s time for Regencycore Design 101. Class is in session! 

What is Regencycore Design?

The Regency period dates back to 19th-century England, and Regencycore takes inspiration from this classic design aesthetic to make a modern comeback. Like the trending Cottagecore style, Regencycore relies on design principles like layering, nostalgia, and whimsy with a more elegant twist. Instead of a cute country cottage, picture a regal country manor estate. Regencycore style elements include traditional details, like carved wood furniture, floral print patterns, and gilded accents, with a bolder, more updated approach.

The History of Regencycore Design 

The Regency era took place in the United Kingdom during the early 19th century from 1811-1820 during George IV’s reign as Prince Regent. The period marked an economic boom, so designers and homeowners began creating more opulent manor and terrace homes. Architect Jon Nash led the Regency movement, building iconic residences throughout London and coastal resort towns and forever associating the style with luxury and enchantment. Recently, traditional Regency design has reemerged in the form of Regencycore: a modern take on the classic look. Inspired by influencers and popular streaming shows, homeowners are once again embracing antiques, intricate patterns, and afternoon tea.

Where to Find Regencycore Design Inspiration 

The original Regency period pulled inspiration from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architecture. Regency manors featured symmetrical exteriors, stone columns, and intricate carvings alongside elegant drapes, floral wallpapers, and chaise lounges. If you can’t make it out to a historic country manor, you can find Regencycore design inspiration from the comfort of your couch. Popular shows like Bridgerton, Emma, and Downton Abbey are fueling the Regencycore movement. In addition, you can look to TikTok and Instagram influencers sharing tutorials on everything Regencycore, from refinishing antiques to picking the perfect wallpaper.

Why is the Regencycore Trend Popular Again?

So, why are so many of us gravitating to a 200-year-old design style? After decades of minimalism and living a casual work-from-home lifestyle the past few years, many homeowners want to inject more style and elegance into their spaces. Maximalism is in, whether it leans towards casual Cottegcore comforts or refined Regencycore dinner parties. Also, can you blame us for wanting a bit of Regencycore elegance in our homes after binging Bridgerton?

10 Ways to Add Regencycore Style to Your Home

Now that you know a little bit more about Regencycore design, it’s time to recreate the look for yourself. Here are 10 ways to add Regencycore style to your home. 

1. Remember More is More

Think maximalist! Regencycore interiors are opulent and elegant, which means going big on wallpaper patterns, wood moldings, antique furnishings, and decor. Layer textures and patterns on your walls, floors, and in your textiles. Invest in statement art pieces, and proudly display your tea set on the dining room table.  


2. Select a Color Palette of Soft Pastels 

While Regencycore embraces maximalism, the style does have a softer side. Rather than bold colors, embrace a muted palette of light blues, greens, and creams. Our Tiffany Series cement tiles come in Regencycore-approved shades, like Blush Pink and Dove Gray, and will perfectly complement the look.  


3. Stay Grounded with Black and White Accents

Regencycore is all about elegance, and what’s more elegant than a classic black-and-white color scheme? Many traditional Regency home designs feature black-and-white checkered floors, stripes, and wall panels that provide a clean, contrasting backdrop to softer pastel floral prints and textiles. Ground your room with our Elite 8x8 solid black and white cement tiles in a classic checkerboard pattern for instant Regencycore style. 


4. Go Antiquing  

Like the Cottagecore style, Regencycore design embraces antiques. Rather than shopping at big box stores, spend time perusing antique malls and estate sales. You’ll have fun uncovering treasures and creating a storied look for your space. Additionally, you can display family heirlooms to add a personal touch. 


5. Embrace Regal Patterns 

Regencycore style embraces elegant yet whimsical patterns rooted in organic forms. Shop for wallpapers, textiles, and backsplash tiles featuring floras, chinoiserie, or any twisty-curly shape. Contrast these softer patterns with bold stripes and checks to elevate the look and add that dynamic twist associated with the Regency style. 


6. Accentuate with Trim, Columns, and Ironwork  

We’re not all lucky enough to live in a historic manor in the English countryside. However, you can bring historical details to your home through wainscotting trim, decorative columns, and ironwork. Adding some ornamentation to your room will elevate the design and add value to your property.  


7. Shimmer with a Bit of Brass   

What better way to add a bit of elegance to your Regencycore design than a bit of shimmer? Add brass accents to your design through hardware, light fixtures, decor, and even brass inlay tile. Our Elite Brass cement tiles come in various designs, including traditional motifs that will feel right at home in your Regency estate. 


8. Create a Statement Fireplace

Countryside manors typically feature stunning statement fireplaces in the living room or parlor. Recreate the look with an ornate mantle, and accent the firebox wall with floor-to-ceiling tiles in a decorative pattern for even more drama. Inspired by English gardens, our Dore cement tiles are the perfect fit for your Regencycore focal point.  


9. Take Inspiration from the Countryside 

Even if your home doesn’t have a view of the countryside, you can still bring in elements to inspire a sense of tranquility. Our Trest Collection by Artist Adam Trest features enchanting patterns of hounds, rabbits, and willows that call to mind the English countryside and will feel right at home in your country manor retreat. 


10. Get a Chaise Lounge 

What regency period film doesn’t feature a scene where the heroine collapses on her fainting couch or chaise to think about her love proposing? Adding a chaise lounge to your living room or study will complete your Regencycore aesthetic and make for the perfect reading nook.  


Bring Your Bridgerton Dreams to Life 

Create a regency retreat to be proud of and bring your Bridgerton dreams to life! While the Regencycore style is trendy, this look is rooted in a classic style that will feel timeless for decades to come. Does anyone fancy a spot of tea while we create some mood boards? 

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