12 Ways to Use Cement Tiles to Transform Your Space

by Drew Henry

Add Color, Pattern, and Tons of Style to Your Home With These 12 Creative Ways to Use Cement Tiles

So, you love cement tiles. (We totally get it. Trust us!) Cement tiles pack in a ton of style and durability. Plus, there are so many unique colors and patterns to choose from to create a completely custom look for your home. What’s not to love? Of course, once you’ve decided that you want to use cement tiles in your home, you need to decide on a place to install them. But, where to begin? Don’t worry! We’ve come up with 12 creative ways to use cement tiles, so you can transform your space and create your dream home. 

1. Make an Entrance With a Cement Tile Foyer 

Nothing says “welcome home” like a beautiful foyer. So add a little sparkle and make every evening a welcome home party with our Confetti cement tile collection. These glistening terrazzo tiles are inspired by midcentury modern design and can be incorporated into any home decor scheme from contemporary to glam. 

2. Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Colorful Backsplash

If you want to take on a small home project that makes a big impact, look no further than your kitchen backsplash. The backsplash is the kitchen's focal point, so it pays to invest in beautiful tiles that add character, color, and charm. Consider matching your tile color to your cabinets or adding some sparkle with brass insert cement tiles that complement your hardware and fixtures. 

3. Turn the Fireplace Into a Focal Point With a Cement Tile Surround 

Why settle for a boring white fireplace when you can create a focal point with the help of some colorful cement tiles? Tiling your fireplace surround and hearth is an easy way to transform the look of your space. We can picture all the family photos next to the fireplace! The tiles in our 6x6 collection are the perfect size for the job! 

4. Make the Laundry Room Fun With Bright Tiles

Who said chores have to be boring? Tiling your laundry room with bright and colorful 8x8 cement tiles will liven up the space and bring some joy to your household routine. You may actually want to do some laundry just to spend some time in your happy little laundry room. 

5. Choose Durable Flooring for Your Mudroom 

In addition to being beautiful, cement tiles are incredibly durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect flooring choice for high-traffic rooms in your home. Mudrooms get hit with dirty boots, wet raincoats, and stinky gym bags on a daily basis. Choose one of our budget-friendly cement tiles lines that can stand up to anything while looking chic and stylish.  

6. Turn the Outdoor Shower Into an Oasis 

If you have a pool or love to go to the beach, you know how practical an outdoor shower can be for cleaning off before going inside. However, you can turn this sensible home feature into a luxurious amenity with the help of some gorgeous tile. Add a scale tile accent wall to mimic the sea waves, lush plantings, and a teak wood bench to turn your outdoor shower into a relaxing oasis. 


7. Use Patterned Tiles to Design a Tile Rug 

Whether you have messy kids at the dinner table or a screened porch open to the elements, plush rugs are just not practical for some rooms. However, the visual beauty of a rug can add charm and define the space. So instead of forgoing a rug altogether, create a kid/weather/life-proof cement tile rug out of our patterned tile collections. With thousands of possible combinations, you can create a completely custom showpiece!  

8. Impress Your Guests With a Bold Powder Room

Powder rooms are low on square footage, but that doesn’t mean they have to be low on style. Impress your guests and create a bold powder room that’s the talk of the dinner party. Our elongated-hex Tiffany cement tiles are modeled after jewels, delivering an elegant touch to any space. 

9. Add a Pop of Color to Your Bathroom Shower Nook 

We’ve all seen white subway tile showers. They’re pretty, but white on white can get a little boring. So why not add a pop of color with an eye-catching shower nook? Our mini hexagon patterns are the perfect size and shape to break up the uniformity and bring in your colorful personality! 


10. Give Your Backyard Swimming Pool a Resort Feel

There’s nothing quite like lounging poolside at your favorite oceanfront resort. So bring that feeling home and update your backyard pool with our collection of glazed tiles. Our Crystal Navy, Marine Blue, and New Aquamarine crackle glazes channel the spirit and relaxation of the ocean waves. Use them for a splash of color on your pool border or even carry the look through to the outdoor kitchen and cabana.


11. Turn the Staircase Into Art With Cement Tile Risers  

Leveling up your home design can be as easy as updating your staircase. Turn your staircase into a vibrant work of art with cement tile stair risers. The stair risers are the kick plates that run vertically between each step. Adding concrete tiles here can create visual interest when looking up the staircase. Plus, they will stand up to heavy traffic up and down the stairs. If you need some inspiration, check out our new arrivals that are on the rise to popularity—and soon to be on your stair risers! 

12. Add Mediterranean Charm With an Archway Border 

If you have a Mission, Tuscan, or Spanish-style home, then you should take the look one step further. Unlock classic Mediterranean charm by highlighting your archways and doorways with cement tile borders. This unexpected feature will help define grand entryways to your rooms and add a little extra character reminiscent of centuries-old designs dotting the romantic coastline. Our 6x6 square cement tiles are the perfect size for the job. 

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