7 Ways to Create a Space You Love

by Drew Henry

Don’t Sacrifice Your Style: Learn How to Design a Home to Fall in Love With 

Home loves me. Home loves me, not. If you have a love-hate relationship with your space or need to reignite that spark that used to fill you with joy when you opened the door, it may be time for a home refresh. But, it can be a challenge to create a space you love (especially if your reno skills are rusty). The LiLi Tile team is here to play home matchmaker. We share 7 ways to ensure you design a home you will fall and stay in love with. Don’t be afraid to make a grand romantic gesture along the way because all is fair in love and renovations! 

Why is It Important to Create a Space You Love? 

Designing a home is a lot like dating. First, you spend time getting to know different paint colors, flooring materials, and cabinetry styles. Then, you discover that you love some finishes while you can’t stand to spend another minute with others. But why is it important to design a space that makes you happy anyway? Like the people we surround ourselves with, the design elements we choose for our homes significantly impact our emotions and well-being. While some colors energize and inspire, others can leave us feeling dreary or bored. Follow our tips to discover the design elements that make you happy and reflect your personal style. 


7 Tips to Design a Home You Will Fall (and Stay) in Love With 

1. Discover Your Home Design Style 

Is your style more mid-century modern or more cottagecore? Discovering your home design style will provide a base for making material and decor selections. For example, mid-century lovers will get butterflies when they find hardware with sleek lines and tiles with geometric patterns. On the other hand, cottagecore fans will get a warm, cozy feeling from overstuffed furniture and floral prints. To hone your style, collect inspiration images and look for a common thread. You can pull inspiration from your favorite magazines, travel photos, or even movies. 

2. Choose Colors That Make You Happy 

Colors impact our mood, and filling your home with your favorite color is enough to bring a smile to your face when you open the door. When selecting colors for your home, paying attention to color psychology is crucial. Warm colors like yellow, red, and orange make us feel cheery, energized, and social. Cool colors, like blue and green, bring peace, tranquility, and stability. While white and gray feel neutral and clean, they can also be a little boring. So, take the risk, and liven up your home with a splash of color. 

3. Invest in Quality Materials 

Build a love that lasts! While staying on budget is important during a home renovation, selecting cheap materials will bring you heartbreak down the line when they start to wear. Invest in quality materials that will warm your heart for decades. At LiLi Tile, we believe in craftsmanship, which is why all of our cement tiles are handmade using the original process from the 1850s. In addition to being incredibly durable indoors and out, our cement tiles can also be sanded and refinished to look just as beautiful as the day you fell in love with them. 


4. But, Make Sure You Pick Fun Finishes 

While quality and durability are necessary to build a strong foundation for you and your home’s relationship, picking fun finishes that spark joy is also important. At LiLi Tile, we’re big fans of color and pattern, so we’ve created dozens of unique designs ranging from our contemporary Vegas Collection to our traditional Sofia Series. Select finishes and materials that speak to you, represent your personal style, and complement your home’s architecture. 


5. Don’t Design for Resale 

So often during renovations, homeowners feel pressured to design for resale. But how are you supposed to fall in love with a home you’ve designed for someone else? Don’t fall into the white subway tile trap and create a dull, white box void of your personal style. Instead, design for you! Create a space you will enjoy for years to come, and you won’t even want to break up and sell your home. 



6. Design Around Your Interests, Hobbies, and Lifestyle

While your home should be beautiful, it should also fit your needs. Design your home around your interests, hobbies, and lifestyle. If you love houseplants, create a dedicated conservatory complete with nature-inspired motifs, like our Flora cement tiles. If you work from home, design a designated office space. Also, create space to display your favorite collections, whether they’re travel souvenirs, family photos, or books. 


7. Be Fearless (and Fabulous) 

No rom-com would be complete without one of the main characters fearlessly declaring their love with a bit of help from their boombox, notecards, or dog. You need to be just as fearless and fabulous when creating your space. Be bold with your design, and personalize your home with colors, patterns, and accessories to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. With the right design, you and your home will be on cloud nine. 


Will You Be Our Valen-tile? 

With all this talk about creating a space to fall in love with, we may have developed a little crush! Will you be our Valen-tile this year? At LiLi Tile, we design our tiles to bring color, fun, and a little romance back into interior design. 

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