10 Ways to Liven Up Your Home This Spring

by Drew Henry

Take Your Spring Cleaning to the Next Level With These 10 Ideas to Organize, Refresh, and Liven Up Your Home  

Ah, spring is in the air! Some of you are taking time to stop and smell the roses, while others are getting started on their annual spring cleaning. (Hey, if you’re behind on cleaning, we won’t tell anyone.) No matter how you embrace the season, spring is about fresh starts. So, the LiLi Team has put together 10 ways to liven up your home this spring for the ultimate refresh. Get ready because your home is about to feel as new as a spring bloom! 

10 Ways to Liven Up Your Home (and Make It Feel Like New!) 

Here are 10 ways to take your spring cleaning to the next level and make your home feel brand new. 

1. Add Pattern to Your Walls 

By now, you know the LiLi Team is all about embracing pattern in our cement tile collections. But, why stop at your floors? Let’s take pattern to the walls! Adding decorative wallpaper is an easy way to change the feel of your space and add a sense of fun to your decor. Maybe we should try our hand at some wallpaper designs? What do you think? 

2. Repaint Your Front Door

First impressions start at the front door. Try repainting your front door in a bright accent color to draw attention to your entrance, increase curb appeal, and create that “welcome home” feeling. Here’s a LiLi Tip — your front door color selection should be the boldest choice on your exterior but still match your overall color story and style. 


3. Reorganize Your Mudroom 

Spring cleaning mode — activate! Take your mudroom from a muddy mess to hashtag blessed. Reorganizing with baskets and coat hooks is a great place to start, but why not go the extra mile. DK Studio Architecture has inspired us with this stunning South Carolina mudroom. Recreate this look with built-in shelving, benches, and molding accents. While you’re at it, why not add in a charging station for all your devices and budget-friendly cement tile floors that will withstand any mess? 

mudroom design

4. Turn an Unused Closet Into an Office Nook 

If remote work still has you camped out at your living room coffee table, then it is time for an upgrade. Consider turning an underused closet into a functional office nook. In this Y Interiors renovation project, interior designer Yussy El-Hibri transformed a tiny closet into a functional workspace by removing the closet doors and adding a worktop, shelving, and stylish task lighting. 

office nook design 

5. Or Turn an Unused Room Into a Closet

On the flip side, embrace your inner fashionista and turn an unused guest room into your dream closet. Go all-out glam and add built-in shelving, a dressing table, and a chandelier. Because, why not? While you’re at it, add a full-length mirror for “outfit-of-the-day” selfies. LiLi Bonus Idea: create a patterned tile accent wall for a striking backdrop to every morning fashion shoot. 

6. Add a Splash of Color to Your Kitchen (Without Replacing the Backsplash)  

Spring home improvement projects are fun, but how can you add a splash of color to your space when you’re renting? (No one wants to lose their deposit, after all.) Don’t worry. The LiLi Team has you covered with a “no-work kitchen refresh.” Add a splash of color and pattern to your white kitchen with playful oven mitts and pot holders from the LiLi Home Collection. This vibrant line brings our cement tile patterns to your kitchen without replacing the backsplash. Design is served! 

7. Throw in Some Throw Pillows

Interior designer Sara Noble loves some bright colors and bold patterns. (A designer after our own heart.) If you aren't quite ready to dive into the world of pattern, stick your toe in the water with some throw pillows. In Sara’s apartment, she accented her white bedroom with ultra-plush and playful pillows. And we must say, it looks pretty cozy! 

bedroom throw pillows

8. Repurpose Your Carport 

Sure extra parking is great. But do you know what’s more fun? A party pad! If parking is a plenty at your house, why not repurpose your carport into an outdoor entertaining area? Interior designer Amity Worrel turned a boring Austin carport into a resort-style poolside retreat. To recreate the look, add plush outdoor furnishings, a fun mural, a ceiling fan, and durable concrete tiles with a serene color palette. 

covered poolside patio

9. Convert Your Screened Porch Into a Plant Room

Next, we are going to convert a screened porch into a nursery. Well, a nursery for the plant parents out there! If you aren’t using your screened porch to its full potential, why not make it a plant room just in time for the spring growing season? Add some plant benches, storage chests for supplies, and ceiling hooks for hanging plants. Finally, create a space to lounge and relax with some indoor-outdoor furnishings. 

10. Liven Up the House Party With Confetti 

Finally, liven up the spring house party with some confetti. Ok, we’re not talking about making another mess to clean! We’re talking about our sparkling line of Terrazzo Confetti Tile. These stunning concrete tiles feature flakes of glittery aggregate for a fun take on a retro look. Who doesn't want a little sparkle in their life, after all? 



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