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Meet the smiles behind your tiles

Follow our tiles through their journey & meet our team of artisans along the way!


Mold Designer

The first step of any cement tile is the pattern, which comes to life through the design of a mold. Meet Hoanh, our talented molds designer. He takes each of our pattern drawings & crafts them into cement tile molds by welding individual pieces of brass together. This is a very intricate job and must be done precisely, which is why he’s one of the best in the business. This job enables Hoanh to support his family while putting his creative skills to work. His favorite part of the cement tile process is tracing the designs and testing out the molds to make sure each pattern is sharp as can be! He loves all the LiLi tiles but his favorites are our fun new Adam Trest Collection patterns - available soon!


Color Team

The next step of the cement tile process is the colors. Cement tiles are known for their vibrant hues, which have to be bright & beautiful. Meet Tin, the head of our color team. Tin spends his days mixing formulas & matching colors to make sure they’re just right. If you’ve ever ordered a custom LiLi cement tile, odds are Tin was the one who matched the Pantone colors to bring your custom creation to life. Tin finds his job very mentally stimulating and he’s happy to be able to help support his parents with his salary. His favorite LiLi tiles are the special order tiles & all the crazy color combinations but he also has a soft spot for the sleek look of monochrome tiles in varying shades of black & white.


Laser Mechanic

At LiLi we always strive to push creative boundaries, which is why some of our tiles have metal accents. This is a fairly new collection and it’s made possible by our laser wiz Quan. Quan is an expert at programming the cutting machine which precisely laser-cuts our metallic inserts into a variety of shapes & sizes. You can usually find him feeding various sheets of metal into the machine and closely inspecting the cuts to make sure they are all sharp and ready to be inserted into the cement tiles. Quan is grateful for his position as it allows him to support his family while helping create some of the most beautiful tiles in the LiLi collection. He may be biased, but his favorites are our brass cement tiles.


Tile Expert

Next in the cement tile process is arguably the most important - the actual pouring & pressing of the cement! Meet Than, one of the expert tile makers at our factory. When he’s not pouring he’s all smiles, but when it’s time to pour he’s totally focused on carefully filling each section of the mold with pigmented cement. Than’s favorite part of the process is when a freshly pressed tile comes out perfectly, as it’s quite delicate and tricky to do. While sometimes making the same pattern all day can be boring, Than is grateful to be able to provide a good life for his family while hanging out with his friends at the factory. His favorite tiles are the bright colors which are always fun to pour!


Mother of Pearl Tile Expert

At LiLi we pride ourselves on our large variety of different kinds of cement tiles. One of those collections is our Mother of Pearl series, which features little pieces of mother of pearl from the inside of an oyster shell that shimmer wildly in the light. These tiles would not be possible without Hoang, the best at making our Mother of Pearl Scale tiles. These tiles are usually quite tricky to make as they are extra delicate and there’s often a high rejection rate. Not on Hoang’s watch! He’s not only the expert of mother of pearl tiles but also all tiles that are oddly shaped like our arabesque & puzzle series.


Tiffany Tile Expert

One of our most popular tiles is the bestselling Tiffany series, an elongated hexagon with a sleek contemporary pattern. This tile would not have been featured in Houzz’s Best Bathroom of the Year if it wasn’t for Phong’s expertise. Phong brings this crowd favorite tile to life by his extreme attention to detail and incredibly steady hands. He can make up to 130 Tiffany tiles a day and is happy to be able to provide for his family while creating something beautiful. He might also be biased, but the Tiffany tile is definitely one of his favorites.


Brass Tile Expert

Our metal insert tiles sure are beautiful, but they’re among the toughest to make. It takes serious precision to place the metal pieces in just the right spot and make sure they don’t move when pigmented cement is poured on top. Luckily we have Thuong, a certified expert in metal insert cement tiles. Thuong carefully inserts the brass pieces and crafts the rest of the tile with pride. When she removes a metal insert tile from the mold perfectly, you can catch her gorgeous smile beaming brighter than the brass itself.


Logistics Specialist

Next in the cement tile process is the curing of the tiles, which usually takes about 11 days. Meet Tammy, she’s usually in the office but you can often find her wandering around the drying racks taking count and making sure all the correct patterns have been produced on time. If you’ve ever had to wait for LiLi tiles on backorder, odds are Tammy is on top of it & making sure more tiles are in production and headed your way soon. Tammy likes the entire process but her favorite part is the design process of the new tiles & all the exciting new collections.


Head of Quality Control Team

Once the tiles have been pressed & cured on the racks, it’s time for quality control. Meet Tho, the head of our Quality Control team. When he’s not rinsing off tiles, you can find him overseeing the QC team and inspecting finished pieces to remove any tiles with defects. Tho makes sure that imperfect tiles are removed from the lot and that tiles heading off to the packing department all pass his strict quality standards. His favorite part of the entire cement tile process is checking the finished tiles and giving them his seal of approval. He’s grateful to be able to provide his family with a high quality of life while making sure LiLi customers receive the highest quality of tiles.


Packing Manager

When it comes to packing tiles, no one does it better than Quoc, the manager of the LiLi packing team. Quoc is the man who makes sure tiles are sturdily packed into boxes, onto pallets, and onto the container to ensure their safe delivery across the sea. He’s usually the last point of contact with tiles until they reach their destination at our warehouse. Although his role is overseeing packing, Quoc’s favorite part is the pouring of the cement into the molds. He’s fortunate to provide for his family while working a job he finds exciting & fulfilling.