8 Home Refresh Ideas for 2022

by Drew Henry

Step Up Your Home Improvement Game This Year with Bright and Colorful Cement Tiles 

You know what they say, “Refresh your home, refresh your life!” Or, at least we should be saying that, right? Upgrading your residence with simple home improvement projects is one of the best ways to hit the reset button and reinvigorate your space for the new year. And let us tell you, 2022 is introducing some colorful trends. (You know we are all about color.) So say goodbye to uniform white and gray and hello to 8 home refresh ideas for 2022 that will brighten your home with vibrant color and style. Are you ready to step up your home improvement game this year? 


1. Get the Party Started with Confetti Terrazzo Tile

Let’s get this party started! (Cue confetti drop.) Terrazzo tile was a popular feature of art deco design in the 1920s and remained stylish through the 1950s’ midcentury design period. Over 100 years later, this classic tile is making a comeback and we’re here to celebrate. Our new Confetti cement tile collection offers a more colorful twist on traditional terrazzo flooring, featuring bright embedded aggregate in five color combinations. Whether you are looking to achieve Gatsby-level glamour, midcentury minimalism, or just a fun vibe, this tile is the perfect choice. Who doesn’t love confetti? 


2. Go Green with Nature-Inspired Tile Patterns 

More and more, homeowners are looking to bring nature into the home. After all, it’s pretty relaxing to kick back on the front porch with a drink after a long day. But, even if you live in a downtown loft, you can still create an escape to nature without having to pack the camping gear. Go green with our emerald Flora concrete tiles inspired by springtime foliage. Adding these tiles to your bathroom will make you feel like you're taking an outdoor shower in the tranquil forest (even if you’re in the concrete jungle). 

3. Create a Striped Backsplash for Bold Impact 

The 2022 trends are going bold—really bold. Create an impact with simple and colorful patterns, like stripes. Our Bibi cement tile line in our 4x4 collection can be laid to form striking vertical or horizontal stripes, making the perfect backsplash or even accent wall. While our 4x4 tiles may be small, they come together to create a BIG impression. 

4. Think Outside the Box with Triangle Tiles

Square tiles are great, but sometimes you have to think outside the box to get your home refresh just right. Our Triangle cement tile collection breaks the square tile mold to bring dynamic movement to any room of your home. Keep the look elegant with our brass inlay Cario cement tile, or add some color with our Indie cement tile. No matter what you choose, we’re sure your home refresh will be acute one. (These are actually equilateral triangle tiles, but you get the idea.) 

5. Give Your Powder Room Some Sparkle

Just because guest powder rooms are small doesn’t mean they can’t make big first impressions. Consider retiling your powder room floor or creating a tile accent wall as part of your 2022 home refresh. You won’t have to purchase a lot of material for the small space, so why not splurge on some sparkle? Our Tiffany brass cement tile is inspired by the shape of an emerald-cut jewel and features a shimmering brass inlay. If you want to create a chic space, look no further. We will warn you, though, these tiles may result in guests lining up at the powder room door to get a gander (and a mirror selfie). 

6. Style Your Pet Room with Cute Dog Tiles

Pet owners know that their house belongs just as much to their pets as it does to them. So, many puppy parents are opting to design full pet rooms for their four-legged friends, including amenities like dog shower stations, built-in food bowls, and window seats for sunbathing. If you are looking for a fun pet room refresh, check out our new 2022 Canine cement tile collection. These quirky tiles feature breeds like French bulldogs, Shiba Inus, and Dalmatians. Wouldn’t these tiles make the perfect backdrop for puppy pawtraits? Your dog is going to be an Instagram star in no time!  

7. Add Maximalist Glamour with a Brass Tile Fireplace Surround

The maximalist interior design trend has taken the 2020s by storm and continues to grow in popularity. Maximalism is the philosophy of “more is more.” That means more color, more pattern, more finishes, and more style! If you haven’t dipped your toe into maximalist décor yet, now is your chance. Our brass insert cement tile collection features some of our classic patterns accented with a little something extra. Brass inlays accentuate the tile designs and add that additional level of sparkle and glamour. Since they reflect light, these brass inlay tiles make the perfect fireplace surround. So get ready to gather around the fire and enjoy the maximum comfort of the flickering flame. 

8. Or, Jump on the Copper Trend


Not a fan of brass? No worries! Get that metallic sparkle when you jump on the copper trend before anyone else. When it comes to 2022 interior design, warm and cozy is in. Copper offers a warmer feel than most metals and packs a whole bunch of style into your 2022 home refresh. For example, our Rise hexagon cement tile features a sunburst pattern with a solid copper center that pairs beautifully with your other copper finishes and warm hardwood floors. 

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With these helpful home refresh ideas, we are confident that you can step up your home improvement game and make a splash in 2022. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more 2022 tile trends and design tips. Need some extra help? Give us a call! We love sharing our thoughts on the latest trends and answering any cement tile questions you have.  

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