Introducing LiLi Tile’s New Adam Trest Collection

by Drew Henry

We are Thrilled to Share Our Newest Cement Tile Collection: Adam Trest x LiLi Tile 

The LiLi Tile Team is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Mississippi Artist Adam Trest, as seen in the HGTV series Home Town, to create our newest cement tile line — The Adam Trest x LiLi Tile Collection. Join us as we unveil these 8 new whimsical designs crafted with the highest-grade Vietnamese cement using an over 150-year-old process. In this collection, Southern folklore meets European technique to deliver a one-of-a-kind product to your space.

About Our New Collection

When we decided to create a new cement tile collection that evokes whimsy, fun, and some Southern charm, partnering with Mississippi Artist Adam Trest was an obvious choice. The new Adam Trest x LiLi Tile Collection features some of our most intricate tile patterns yet. Old-fashioned peacock, sparrow, and willow tree motifs come to life in the fresh and colorful palettes LiLi Tile is known for. Adam loves storytelling through art, and his first ever tile line is filled with hidden surprises depending on how you choose to lay them. His 8 new designs will delight and add cozy Southern charm to any room.  

Meet Your Tile Designer: Adam Trest

“My life has been a series of stories, stories that I now get to tell through visual expression.”

Growing up in the South, Adam Trest views storytelling as a way of life. His artwork is expressive and contains both elements of age-old folklore and recounts of daily life. Adam has been creating art since he can remember. In 2009, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mississippi State University. In his early career, Adam worked in set design and teaching — helping others tell their unique stories. In 2019, he decided it was time to tell his own story. He began creating art depicting his life through flora and fauna motifs of his native South. A proud resident of Laurel, Mississippi, Adam has appeared on the hit HGTV series Home Town, had his own exhibition at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, and is represented by his wife’s Caron Gallery. He’s excited to explore his new medium of storytelling — tile design. 

Some of Trest’s notable projects and partnerships include: 

Home Town, HGTV Series

A Mississippi native, Adam knows the importance of home. He has appeared on the hit HGTV series Home Town, creating one-of-a-kind pieces to tell the stories of new homeowners.   


The Lantern House, Children’s Book

Partnering with Home Town Host Erin Napier, Adam became a New York Times Bestselling Illustrator for The Lantern House. Again, storytelling is central to his trade. 


Lost and Found, Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience Exhibit 

In 2022, Adam was featured in his first solo museum exhibition at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience in Meridian. In his series, Lost and Found, he reexamines the flora and fauna of his state, which has been his inspiration for years. 

The New Adam Trest x LiLi Tile Collection Line Up 

Unveiling the 8 new cement tile patterns of the Adam Trest x LiLi Tile Collection… 


When interlocked, Birds features four red birds circling a central sun. This bright and airy pattern features a white background with red, blue, green, and yellow design elements. 


Initially appearing as a classic cement tile sunbeam pattern, a closer look at Enchanted reveals a grouping of native flowers. The dynamic design features deep blue tones, warm oranges, and a surprising periwinkle accent. 





Taking color inspiration from the evening strolls in the Mississippi woods, Fairy features a ring of moonlit flowers blowing in the wind. The pattern evokes a comforting sense of enchanting whimsy.  





Inspired by the family pet, Hounds is one of the most intricate LiLi Tile designs to date. The delicate pattern features a hound dog gliding through a landscape of lush grass and flowers in a palette of muted greens and complementing reds. 





Peacocks is a modern take on an age-old motif. Stylized blue peacocks perch upon a muted but detailed background of neutrals. 





One of the most darling designs in the collections, Rabbits features a vintage motif of jumping hares and a retro color palette of muted pinks, browns, blues, and greens for the ultimate accent to Grand millennial Style. 





As one of the more geometric patterns in the collection, Sparrows takes a fresh approach to a classic motif. When laid, 4 sparrows connect their wingspans to create a subtle design accent that takes a moment to reveal itself. The design features warm neutrals highlighted with bright teal. 





The Willow pattern features the classic cement tile central medallion with an earthy touch. Willow branches gracefully grow from the center, accenting this bold palette of maroon, purple, and gold with a calming sage. 


The Adam Trest x LiLi Tile Collection: Now Available 

Now that we’ve released our highly anticipated Adam Trest x LiLi Tile Collection, we can’t wait to see how you use it in your space. Our cement tiles add a beautiful touch to residential properties and are durable enough for commercial installations. Use them anywhere from flooring to backsplashes to showers to outdoor patios. 

The tiles are here. Now it’s time for you to make them your own! 

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