How to Design Your Barbiecore Dream House

by Drew Henry

Hop on the Barbiecore Interior Design Trend This Summer 

Right now, it seems like we’re all Barbie girls living in a Barbie world. With the summer release of the Barbie movie, long-time fans are embracing the nostalgia of their favorite doll and hopping on the Barbiecore interior design trend. The LiLi Tile Team shares nine design tips to help you live your dream and create your own Barbiecore dream house. 


Why is Barbiecore Interior Design Trending?  

The release of Greta Gerwig's new Barbie movie has interior designers on their toes — so much so that the world ran completely out of pink paint for a moment. But that hasn't stopped Gen X, Millennials, and pretty much everyone else from fully embracing the vibe. From TikTok trends to magazine spreads, we have officially entered the era of Barbiecore. C'mon Barbie! Let's go party!


9 Tips to Create Your Barbiecore Dreamhouse

Released in 1962, a Barbie Dreamhouse has been sold an average of every two minutes. So, it's safe to say this trend won't hurt your home’s market value. Barbiecore is all about embracing the power of pink and leaning into the eclectic vibe of a girl who ran for President six times, owns more than 40 pets, has more than one billion styles of shoes, and went to space more than once. 

Get your sparkle on, and start designing your own Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse! 


1. Stay Pretty in Pink

Elle Woods was one of the greats who paid homage to the OG Princess of Pink, Miss Barbie herself. Barbiecore isn't just about creating a foundation of hot pinks and ultraviolets — there's also room for a more neutral approach with soft pastels. Complement your pink palette with yellows, greens, teals, and whites as accent colors. Keep it simple with a solid pink Baguette tile, or have fun with shapes and patterns like our dusty pink Tiffany cement tile. Barbiecore is all about finding your true hue. 

2. Get Your Sparkle On 

What would Barbiecore be without a bit of sparkle? Even Doctor Barbie is shying away from the sterile white rooms of the past. The Barbiecore trend is all about glitz and glam. So, feel free to punch things up with a little pizzazz. This design trend is all about whimsy, so be bold with glitter accents like our Pink Tiffany Wave tile with shimmering Mother of Pearl terrazzo. 

3. Return to Retro Classics 

Barbie was born in the late 1950s, but like all of us, she really came into her own during her 20s and 30s. So reach into those 80s and 90s trends and embrace the retro accessories for that fun Barbiecore vibe. Deck your decor with florals and geometric patterns. It's your Dreamhouse — spring for the swing chair you always wanted (and maybe even a waterslide off the balcony).  

4. Remember, Life in Plastic is Fantastic

In Barbie's world, high gloss is the boss. Acrylic furniture pieces, high-gloss finishes, and lacquer will all get the job done to create that polished feel for your toy-tastic new space. High gloss finishes make for a bold accent, so know that a little goes a long way! 

5. Get Frilly and Silly 

There's hardly a serious bone in Barbie's whole body — well, there aren't any bones at all. So work that wiggle room and embrace the frills, incorporating squiggles, faux fur, and other cutesy details into your space. Think flowers and hearts. Get stars in your eyes. Barbie was a muse to artists and designers like Andy Warhol, Oscar de la Renta, and Peter Max, so get in touch with your artsy side and let your inner creativity shine.

6. Create a Kitsch Kitchen

Chef Barbie says there's nothing quite as deliciously delightful as a kitschy kitchen. Accent your space with a fun backsplash or colorful floor tile. Want to go even bolder with your dream kitchen design? Consider painting the cabinets pink and ordering custom-colored appliances. 

7. Take the Barbie Party Outdoors

Dive into summer fun with inspo from Pool Party Barbie. Creating an outdoor space fit for a patio princess is as easy as choosing the right patterns, like our nature-inspired pink Flora cement tile. Try it out as a fun pink cement tile footpath, or deck the walls with this durable patterned tile. Bring pink into the landscaping by planting passion petunias, roses, or a Hippo Rose polka dot plant. Or just plop a hot pink flamingo in your backyard swimming pool, pour yourself a Cosmo, and kick back. 

8. Connect with Your Inner Child

Barbie had more than 200 inspirational careers, but no matter what you wanted to be when you grew up, it's time to treat that inner child to something from your dream home wish list. Did you want disco balls and lava lamps? Go for it. Inflatable furniture and some beaded curtains? It's your house now, and there are no rules. Light up your bathroom with an inspirational neon sign. Or design your own tile that would delight your inner child. 

9. Bring in Your BBF, Barbie

When in doubt, think WWBD? The best way to embody Barbiecore is to bring in the bestie herself. This era is your chance to dust off your old collection featuring this inspiring entrepreneur and put those dolls on display. Add eye-catching Barbie art pieces, or go with a gallery wall of Ken prints. Her trusty, toned side-kick deserves a moment too. 

We’re All Barbie Girls Living in a Barbie World

The Barbiecore trend combines the feminine power of pink with the whimsy of childhood imagination. She's the most popular fashion doll ever produced, and the @barbiestyle Instagram channel is one of the fastest-growing fashion channels to date. So with no lack of inspiration, it's time to get to work on your very own Barbiecore Dreamhouse.

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