Introducing LiLi Tile’s New Milano Style Collection

by Drew Henry

We are Excited to Share Our Newest Cement Tile Collection by Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network

The LiLi Tile Team is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Italian Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network to create our newest cement tile line — The Milano Style Collection. Join us as we unveil these five new Italian-inspired designs crafted with the highest-grade Vietnamese cement using an over 150-year-old process. In this collection, modern style meets an age-old technique to deliver a one-of-a-kind product to your home or business. 

About Our New Milano Style Tile Collection

When we decided to create a new cement tile collection, partnering with Italian Studio Original Designers 6r5 Network was an obvious choice. The team has over five decades of experience studying surfaces and patterns — sharing the same love of color, pattern, and feel as the LiLi Team. For the Milano Style Collection, we sought to combine the high fashion design Milan is known for with the durability of our Vietnamese-made cement. The result is a gorgeous and durable line of 5 new designs in 10 stunning color variations.

Meet the team at Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network

“Living Among Nature and Technology for a New Quality of Inspiration”

Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network has served as a design consultant for brands across the world, including groups in Italy, Japan, Germany, the United States, England, Holland, Denmark, Israel, Spain, and Brazil. The LiLi Team is proud to join the ranks and embark on this new collection together. The studio's philosophy is to “live among nature and technology for a new quality of inspiration.” The Milano Style Collection is inspired by the interaction of nature and technology — all grounded in the roots of Italian design. 

Some of Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network's notable projects and partnerships include: 

Rainbow Tower – Torre Arcobaleno

The Torre Arcobaleno serves as a symbol of Milan, the design capital of Italy, and the country’s famed ceramic artists. The Tower was created in 1990 for the Soccer World Cup by the Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network and Mapei, Marazzi, and Tadini. The design utilized an old water tower, creating a unique and colorful ceramic sculpture.  


Tomorrow Lab — Fabio Perini — Korber Tissue

Tomorrow Lab is the digital hub of Fabio Perini, a leading company in the supply of machinery and packaging services of tissue. It serves as an open innovation space designed to create and share knowledge between Fabio Perini employees and the entire paper production system —  bringing together startups, universities, business accelerators, and institutions.


SKIN - Architectural Surfaces 2008

SKIN, part of MADE Expo, shows the path of materials and technological solutions for surfaces in architecture throughout different world cultures. The exhibit interprets architectural materials while examining the diversity of other countries and cultures. In the exhibition, a path of multi-colored intertwining plots converges towards a common center, symbolizing the continuous movement from the global to the national dimension.

The New Milano Style Cement Tile Collection Line Up 

Unveiling the five new patterns of the Milano Style Collection… 



This high-fidelity pattern sounds great underfoot and is even nicer on the eyes. Hi-Fi features an interlocking chain pattern in bold colors for a vibrant and impactful design. This tile is available in two color patterns, including red, gray, and white, or navy, teal, and sky. 



Ilio takes inspiration from the Northern Italian coastline, featuring a star pattern that radiates a fresh take on a classic design. This pattern is available in two color variations, including gray and white stars on dark gray or ocean blue backgrounds. 


Lut channels the energy of waves through an ultra-modern interpretation. Combining imagery of ocean and sound waves, the pattern ebbs and flows through three unique color variations. This tile is available in alternating shades of gray, green, or solid blue.


A tile fit for a king. The Throne pattern features angular spikes rising up to create a royal backdrop. With the ability to be combined in various ways, one can truly make this design their own. This pattern is available in three color variations, featuring cool-colored throne spikes atop white, gray, or orange backdrops. 


The Tucson pattern is an updated reinterpretation of classic Southwestern motifs. This rustic yet clean design features one color variation combining the desert-inspired colors of cool gray, rich yellow, and earthy sage.  

The Milano Style Collection: Now Available for Your Home or Business 

Now that we’ve released our highly anticipated Milano Style Collection, we can’t wait to see how you use it in your home or business. Our cement tiles add a beautiful touch to residential properties and are durable enough for commercial installations. Use them anywhere from flooring to backsplashes to showers to outdoor patios. 

The tiles are here. Now it’s time for you to make them your own! 

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