Introducing LiLi Glaze Tiles

by Drew Henry

Explore Our New and Colorful Collection of Glazed Tiles Designed to Make a Splash in Your Kitchen, Bath, or Pool!  

Here at LiLi Tile, we’ve come to be known for bold and colorful concrete tiles. After all, who wants a boring monotone design when you could have something fun? While we love the bright colors and vibrant patterns of our concrete tiles, we felt like something was missing from the lineup. So, we got to work designing a brand new product. Say hello to the LiLi Glaze Collection! This new porcelain glazed tile collection brings the pop of color you’d expect from LiLi Tile paired with the water-resistant durability designed to make a splash in your kitchen, bath, pool, or outdoor space. Let’s meet the gang!  

Everything You Need to Know About the New LiLi Glaze Tile Collection 

We are so excited to share our new LiLi glaze tile collection with you. Here is everything you need to know about our new glazed porcelain tiles and a little bit of inspiration to guide your next project, whether that’s a new pool, kitchen backsplash, or outdoor shower. 

What’s the Difference Between Our Cement and Glazed Tiles? 

Cement tiles are porous, which means they need to be sealed to protect them from spills, scratches, and damage. While we would love to put our cement tiles everywhere, they are not suited for all applications. For example, cement tiles can’t be installed in pools or other areas where they will be submerged in water. They can, however, be installed in showers and wet areas when properly sealed and maintained. Our cement tile patterns are made with cookie-cutter-like molds, allowing infinite possibilities of color and pattern combinations. 

Glazed porcelain tiles are coated with a colorful and protective glaze and fired at high temperatures. This process produces a tile with a much lower water absorption rate than concrete, making glazed tiles perfect for use in showers, kitchens, outdoor spaces, and pools. Glazed tiles have been a staple of pool finishing for decades. While our glaze tiles don’t have graphic patterns, we achieved the iconic LiLi look through bright colors and unique finishes. 

Glazed Tile Sizes

Our LiLi glaze tile collection currently includes two sizes, 2x8 and 4x4. 

2x8 Glazed Tiles

Our 2x8 glazed tile collection features linear-shaped tiles that can be arranged in various patterns. We recommend brick and herringbone lays for a traditional look or stack and vertical lays for a contemporary feel

4x4 Glazed Tiles

Our 4x4 glazed tile collection features square tiles that can be arranged in grid, brickwork, checkered, or diamond pattern lays. 

Glazed Tile Finishes 

Our LiLi glaze tile line includes three unique finishes, which all bring a one-of-a-kind look and texture to your space. Our finishes include Crackle, Frost, and Metallic. 



The Crackle collection includes vibrant colors with a cracked or crinkled texture, adding a dynamic feel and additional layer of interest. 



The Frost collection features a glaze made up of natural crystal formations, resembling the composition of a snowflake or geode. 



The Metallic collection has a deep finish that mimics rust, creating an aged look rich in texture and character. 

Glazed Tile Colors

Our glaze tile collection is our first line at LiLi that can be installed in pools! So, we were inspired by a tropical summer vacation when creating our colors. Cool colors in the collection, like Crystal Navy, New Aquamarine, and Martini Green, are inspired by ocean waves and tranquil lagoons. Our warm glaze colors are based on rich sunsets, and our neutrals are inspired by the sandy seashores. All that’s missing from your backyard beach retreat is a lounge chair, umbrella, and pina colada! 

Explore all of our new glazed tile colors. 

Cool Color Tiles

New Algae

Crystal Navy 

New Aquamarine 

Marine Blue 

Windy Green 

Martini Green 

Foggy Blue 

Lotus Leaf 

Warm Color Tiles


Rusty Red 

Neutral Color Tiles 

Pewter Grey 

Coco White

New Pearl 

Slate Grey 

Snowy White 

Tonic White

Super Black 

Where to Use Our New Glazed Tiles 

Pools & Spas 

Our new glazed tiles are designed to make a splash! The low water absorption rate and vibrant colors make the LiLi glaze tile line the perfect accent for your pool or spa. Consider using New Aquamarine as a border accent or installing New Pearl across your submerged tanning ledge. Your new pool is going to look great! 

Outdoor Showers 

Outdoor showers are a must if you are creating the ultimate summer backyard retreat. After all the fun, you need to wash off that chlorine, sunscreen, and maybe even beach sand! Glazed tiles are incredibly durable, making them a perfect choice to stand up to the water and elements in your outdoor shower.  

Outdoor Kitchens 

To unite your backyard oasis and complement your other outdoor finishes, consider installing a coordinating glazed tile on your outdoor kitchen backsplash. A Rusty Red will channel the spirit of the romantic sunset, while Marine Blue will have you counting down the days to the next sailing excursion.  



The resort vacation doesn't have to end at the pool. LiLi glaze tiles are perfect for indoor use as well. For example, installing our Pewter Grey tiles in your wetroom or shower will make your ensuite bath feel like an ensuite spa. 

Wet Bars & Kitchens

Glazed tiles are durable, making them a great option for your wet bar or kitchen backsplash. Martini Green and Tonic White are made to set the mood while you pour your guests a drink, and Lotus Leaf is the secret ingredient to an on-trend kitchen. 

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