Meet LiLi Tile Designer Valentina

by Drew Henry

Get to Know the Design Visionary Behind Your Favorite LiLi Tiles  

Have you ever wondered who’s behind LiLi Tile’s colorful cement tiles? Well, get ready to meet the color guru, trendsetter, and tile designer who creates your favorite LiLi patterns and colors! It’s about time we introduce you to LiLi Tile Designer Valentina. 

Let Us Introduce You to Valentina

Valentia is LiLi Tile’s resident tile designer and color specialist, but she’s better known around here as our color guru. She has a natural eye for color and a passion for interior design, making her a natural fit for designing LiLi’s iconic cement tiles. Originally from Jesolo, Italy, Valentina grew up surrounded by old-world architecture alongside cutting-edge modern decor. Inspired by Italian design, she finds a beautiful balance between function, aesthetics, and the unexpected. Plus, her positive attitude and creative spirit make her a fun and essential part of the LiLi Team. Every tile we produce gets Valentina’s stamp of approval before it makes its way to your home.  


A Day in the Life of a LiLi Tile Designer 

So, what does a day in the life of a tile designer look like? Valentina’s workday includes forecasting trends, collaborating with other designers, drawing patterns, coloring tiles, and researching customer preferences. “So many factors go into designing our tiles,” explains Valentina. “It can be challenging at times. For example, sometimes you bet on a trend, and it’s not initially well received. But maybe a year or two goes by, and then everyone wants it. It’s important to remember to trust your instinct.” Valentina goes on to share that designers must balance drawing from past trends, collaborating with others, seeking inspiration from art and nature, and taking the plunge into new design trends before they become mainstream.

Finding Inspiration for Colorful Patterned Tiles

Valentina finds her inspiration in art galleries, street fashion, and fabric stores. “I tend to see inspiration everywhere I look,” she says. “I seek patterns out in the world that will translate to tile, whether that’s a pattern on a dress or the color of a handbag.” While finding inspiration is easy, it takes careful research and planning to finalize LiLi’s iconic tile colors and patterns. Valentina explains, “Interior trends tend to rotate every seven years. Changing the paint color on a wall or pillows on the sofa is simple, but people want to live with their tile selections for decades. So when creating our tile colors and patterns, we have to stay ahead of the trends while also creating something with timeless appeal that will endure. Sometimes this means testing a bolder pattern with a smaller production to see how it will be received. Ultimately, the goal is to create something our customers will love.” 

Forecasting the Next Tile Trends 

Valentina has an inherent gift for predicting the next big interior trends and designing tiles that capture the cozy and vibrant feeling of home. She designed and colored two of LiLi’s most popular tiles, including the Tiffany and Flora collections. “I’ve always had a gift for trend forecasting,” explains Valentina. “It just comes naturally to me. I start seeing little pieces of what’s starting to resonate with people, and I dive into those colors and patterns.” While some tile trends feel out of the ordinary at first, Valentina pushes toward production to get them on the market first. “It never fails,” she adds. “Once I start running with a trend, we see it popping up everywhere within the year.” 

Mixing Old-world Techniques with Modern Design 

LiLi Tiles are handmade with the same process that was developed in 1850. While the techniques are old-world, our modern designs are ahead of the curve, and Valentina beautifully balances the two. “I lived in Italy until I was 30,” explains Valentina. “So, for me, it’s second nature to see a blend of the old and new. In Italy, we’re surrounded by the classics, but at the same time, we go bold and sleek in our interiors.” Valentina plays with classic and modern colors and patterns in her designs, mixing and blending the two to create our fun and playful tiles. “The old-world process provides the perfect backdrop for modern designs,” she adds. “It’s fun for me to play with the combination and create something really unique.” 


Collaborating on Special Tile Collections

In addition to creating her own original designs, Valentina partners with other designers and artists for special LiLi Tile Collections like the Milano Style and Adam Trest Collections. She explains, “I was given the patterns for these collections, and it was my job to color them in and finalize them. It's fun collaborating with other designers. For example, I really enjoyed working with Adam Trest. His patterns were so unique and intricate, inspiring me to use colors I wouldn’t normally apply to tiles.” With its whimsical feel, the Adam Trest Collection lends itself to shades like lavender and sage. “Certain patterns call for certain colors,” explains Valentina. “You really have to assess the design to make the right selection.” 

Seeing Your Cement Tiles Out in the Wild

You can find Valentina’s tile designs everywhere, from high-end residential interiors to boutiques and restaurants. “Seeing your designs out in the world is like seeing your baby at daycare and waving to them through the window,” says Valentina. “It makes me smile knowing I’m part of people’s everyday lives. It’s a privilege to design the tiles to go into someone’s dream home.” 


Valentina’s Namesake Tile

If you’ve browsed our tiles before, you may have seen a familiar name — the Valentina tile. So, what’s the story behind Valentina’s namesake tile? “The design for Valentina was given to me, and when I saw it, I thought, ‘this is so me,’” Valentina explains. “The pattern is artsy but straightened, and it has Art Deco elements, one of my favorite design styles. I colored this tile with some of my favorite colors, making it a fun tile that still feels elegant. It’s different and distinctive, so I gave it my name!” 

You can shop Valentina’s namesake tile and all the LiLi Tile Collections here on our website. 

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