Popular 8x8 Square Patterned Tiles

by Jenifer Dioneda

At Lili Cement Tiles, we are determined to offer you the best tile in the business. With over 400 tiles in all different designs and colors, each tile is created individually in order to ensure top quality that will last a lifetime. 

Our cement tiles are gaining popularity across the country due to their ability to revamp almost any space. Not only are cement tiles extremely chic and trendy, they are durable, versatile, eco-friendly, and will last for many generations. Whether you choose to go big and redo your entire floor, or pick a small area for a beautiful backsplash, any amount of tile can upgrade your home’s look and feel.

If you have not browsed our website yet, we offer tiles in many different shapes, but our most popular include our classic square tiles. Here are some of our most popular 8x8 square patterned tiles:


Add some elegance to your home with this intricate floral Abigale design. The femininity and classical beauty of the pattern adds a traditional aspect to this modern kitchen without looking too out of date. The sand beige and black duo of our Abigale 5 is only one of our four variations of this pattern that is sure to wow your guests for years to come. 


Inspired by the beautiful palm trees and waters of tropical Bali, this lively design is a fun way to modernize any space in your home. We love how the cool blue and gray of our Bali 4 match perfectly with these cabinets, and the pattern prevents the space from looking too plain.  Available in five variations, this stunning tile is a timeless tropical beauty. 


Almost as delicate and charming as the princess herself, this artistic floral encaustic tile can make any space look fresh and bright. The design is intricate yet not too overwhelming, and we love how it adds some intrigue to this all white bathroom. The vibrant blue and yellow of our Belle 5 is one of four variations of this design. 




This 3D stunner is edgy yet sophisticated, providing the perfect geometric design to any space. We love how the style creates an energetic vibe in this trendy restaurant without overdoing it. The navy blue Eden 3 is one of two variations of this truly unique LiLi Tile design.


Reminiscent of botanical gardens, this traditional tile provides beauty and grace with an effortless feel. How beautiful is this dining area with the contrast of the stone floors and walls next to the greys and yellows of our Lorraine 5? Available in four variations, this clean and contemporary pattern adds sophistication no matter where it is placed. 


For those who love stargazing, this design perfectly incorporates geometric stars and circles for an explosive effect. Eclectic and clean, the black and white Marie 1 adds panache to the clean white kitchen walls and blacktop bar.  Available in 3 variations this design will dazzle and impress all of your guests. 


This show stopping Moroccan inspired pattern includes sweeping lines and curves for the ultimate feel of sophistication. The romantic allure and clean look of the design provide a relaxing atmosphere to this white and grey bathroom. The black and white Marrakesh 1 is one of four variations that will be sure to add some middle eastern spice to any room.


The timeless quatrefoil pattern is beautifully displayed with our Sophia tile in this modern and sophisticated bathroom. The navy and red detailing look absolutely magnificent next to the wall tiling, the blue cabinetry, and the gold accents. Available in 5 variations this traditional design adds an aura of classical beauty to any space. 


The stars are aligned with this whimsical tile designed to brighten up any area of your home. We love the simplicity and playfulness of this tile and how it complements the blue cabinetry and crisp white walls of this bathroom. The cool blue-gray Twinkle 4 also adds a calm and relaxing vibe to any room. Available in 3 variations this fantastic design can easily be incorporated in any existing décor. 

Still looking for the one? Browse the rest of our 8x8 collection here and find your favorite. Questions? Call us at one of our two locations in Texas or New Jersey and let us help you design your dream space!


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