10 Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

by Drew Henry

Coming out of winter hibernation and jumping into spring cleaning mode can be a daunting transition, especially with a mound of home projects ahead of you. We have a few hacks to help ease the process so you can take time to stop and smell the floral-scented cleaner. The LiLi Tile Team shares 10 spring cleaning tips to make your home sparkle — from the ceiling right down to your cement floor tiles. 

1. Block Off Time for One Project a Day

Deep cleaning and refreshing your entire home is no small feat. However, cramming the job into one day can be an overwhelming challenge that will make you want to throw in the mop before you even start. Instead, block off time to complete one manageable task a day to keep yourself on track. Finishing small projects will feel rewarding and motivate you to finish. 


2. Organize the Junk Drawer and Declutter First 

Clutter makes your house look messy no matter how clean you are. So, before you pull out the cleaning products, take time to organize and declutter. Decluttering will immediately make your home feel fresher. As an added bonus, it will make your space easier to clean. That sounds like a win-win to us! 

3. Work from Top to Bottom 

We tend to clean the messes we see first, which are often table surfaces and floors. However, you need to look up to find the answer to an easier spring cleaning. Working from top to bottom is the most efficient workflow because dirt from high-up surfaces falls to the floors. Start cleaning light fixtures and crown molding first, and work your way down to your baseboards and cement tile

4. Make Small Repairs as You Go 

Complete small repairs as you make your way down your cleaning checklist. Spring cleaning is your opportunity to replace lightbulbs, touch up paint, and remove scratches from cement tile. (Bet you didn’t know cement tiles could be buffed and repaired!) Repairing your home will make it look and function even better at the end of your spring cleaning. 


5. Get the Right Cleaning Products

You’re only as powerful as your tools, and not all cleaning products are created equal. Make sure to choose the best cleaning products for your specific surfaces. For example, you should use pH-neutral cleaners on cement tiles and natural stone surfaces. Since these materials are porous, cleaners like ammonia, bleach, or vinegar could damage the finish. Always read the product label before you start cleaning. 


6. Don’t Forget Hard-to-reach Spots

We can ignore the hard-to-reach spots in any other season, but not during spring cleaning! Now is the time to move furniture, maneuver tight corners, and break out the tiny scrub brush to clean those grout lines. Smaller tiles will have more grout lines than larger ones. So, plan accordingly, and dedicate time to deep clean your backsplashes. Also, don’t forget hard-to-reach spots like the inside of your microwave and fridge! 

7. Replace and Upgrade Worn-out Items

No matter how hard you try, certain items, like bathroom towels, oven mitts, and door mats, can’t be salvaged with a good clean. Set aside a spring cleaning budget to replace and upgrade worn-out items to give your home a fresh and elevated look. At LiLi Homes, we make a unique line of home accessories, including oven mitts and aprons, which match select LiLi Tile patterns. These are the perfect treat for completing your thorough spring cleaning. 

8. Give Outdoor Spaces Some Love 

Don’t forget about your outdoor living spaces! Give your patio some love with a pressure wash, new plantings, and fresh accessories. If you’re feeling bold, you could take the refresh one step further by replacing your concrete patio slab with colorful cement tiles. Cement tiles are durable enough to stand up to the elements, easy to clean, and wonderful backdrops for your next dinner party.  

9. Sweep First, Mop Second

You might be eager to break out the mop bucket, but you should take your sweep time cleaning your floors. Remember to sweep first and mop second, whether you’re cleaning ceramic, stone, or cement tiles. Sweeping before mopping removes loose dirt and grime that could scratch the surface of your tile. Plus, making that first sweep will make cleaning much easier when it’s time to mop.   

10. Plan a Design Refresh 

If your home still feels a little dull after scrubbing away a layer of grime, then it might be time to plan a design refresh. Refreshing your home doesn’t mean you have to embark on a full renovation. Instead, you can make easy upgrades during your spring cleaning projects to inject a fresh, new style into your space. Consider upgrading your bathroom or kitchen backsplashes, accenting your fireplace with a new tile surround, or sprucing up the patio with a lively tile pattern.  

So Fresh and So Clean

With a few of our spring cleaning hacks, your space will be fresh and clean in no time! Follow our blog for more cleaning, design, and home tips.  

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