What Is Americana Design?

by Drew Henry

Americana is one of the most iconic design styles, having evolved and endured since the birth of the nation. The term brings several different elements to mind – so what counts as Americana? 

Here, we’ll cover what is characteristic of the Americana design style and everything you can do with it!

What Is Americana Design?

Americana design is an exuberant celebration of what makes America uniquely distinctive. It's an overarching term that encapsulates various stylistic elements, embodying the classic beauty and grit of the American spirit. A broad umbrella, Americana style interior design captures the diversity of influences from coast to coast, incorporating aspects from Native American artistry to Colonial elegance and Rustic Southwestern aesthetics.
It's about celebrating the history, culture, and traditions that have shaped America. Embracing a Red, White, and Blue color palette is a quintessential aspect of Americana design.
The patriotic hues resonate deeply with the sense of national pride embedded in this design philosophy. Yet it is not just about sticking to these colors rigidly; Americana also encourages exploring vintage nuances and retro nostalgic aesthetics within this palette.
Exuding a stark yet appealing simplicity akin to a Modern Farmhouse style or Honest Craftsman style homes are part-and-parcel of this eclectic theme. Time-worn textures meet streamlined modernity to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing in their own right.
Detailed trims, beadboards, paneled walls all pay homage to these classical styles while resonating with the comfort-laden ambiance prevalent in any Americana Design style setup. The key lies in balance - blending traditional elements with contemporary ones while giving a nod to the rustic charm inherent in classic American homes.
Displaying meaningful collections forms another integral part of this approach - vintage trinkets or heirloom pieces each add layers of depth and interest. Incorporating Stars and Stripes patterns or Trying Out a Fun Checkerboard Motif can bring an additional layer of personality into your space - be it through upholstery choices or wall art installations.
The Coastal Cape Cod inspired designs lend your home a breathy feel reminiscent of ocean-sprayed mornings while promoting a laid-back living experience. Done right, Modern Americana interior design can seamlessly blend informal coziness with stylish elegance.
It's a testament to the American spirit – diverse, dynamic and timeless all at once. From the Classic Colonial homes of the east coast to Rustic Southwestern design elements and right up to the modern Americana interior designs seen today, this style continually evolves while retaining its foundational ethos - a commitment to understated simplicity infused with quintessential American charm.

Characteristics of Americana Design

Americana design style represents the epitome of time-honored traditions with a sense of comfort and familiarity. A characteristic feature is its ability to integrate various regional styles, such as the Coastal Cape Cod, Honest Craftsman, Rustic Southwestern, and Classic Colonial into a single space. The Coastal Cape Cod style emphasizes light shades and natural materials reminiscent of seaside living; while Honest Craftsman features clean lines, handcrafted items and an emphasis on form meeting function.

Let’s cover the key elements that set this design style apart: 

  • Colors: Red, white, and blue color palettes often define Americana. Southwestern and rustic styles use red pallets, while white and blue are used more often in coastal and craftsman designs. 
  • Stars and Stripes: Repeating motifs of either flag imagery or these design elements are common. They can be used in decor, tile, wallpaper, and even painted designs. 
  • Nature: Natural elements go well with any variant of this style. Opt for seashells, starfish, and beachy prints for craftsman and coastal vibes. Rustic, modern farmhouse, and southwestern themes go well with exposed wood and faux fur rugs.
  • Tile: Tile is one of this style's most popular choices. Opt for bold patterns with patterned tiles or creative placement of solid-colored tiles.

Americana Design Ideas & inspiration

6 Types of American Design Styles

Classic Colonial

When it comes to the classic Colonial style, look to the sprawling Northeastern estates of our Founding Fathers for inspiration. Colonial homes are simple yet elegant. Typically, they feature symmetrical designs, brick facades, and stately columns flanking the front porch. Colonial interiors often have warm wood floors, decorative moldings, and stately fireplaces accented with decorative tile surrounds.  

Honest Craftsman

Craftsman homes are as honest as Johnny Appleseed himself! This style features detailed woodwork carved by expert craftspeople, including decorative stair railings, built-ins, and front porch columns. Craftsman homes are typically one or two-story and feature low-pitched roofs, front porches, and horizontal lines reflective of the American prairie. Interiors often include warm colors and handmade tiles.  

Coastal Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes dot the coastline throughout Nantucket and the Hamptons. This classic American vacation home style features welcoming features like casual wood shingles, dormered windows, and nautical decor. Interiors often utilize neutral color palettes accented with red & blue and classic patterns like chevron. We think our Mia cement tile would fit right in a coastal kitchen design! 

Modern Farmhouse 

In recent years, the classic American farmhouse has gotten a refresh! The modern farmhouse style is a new take on the traditional homestead. This style typically features a simple two-story design, a neutral black & white color palette, and a classic white kitchen. Popular finishing details include board and batten walls, wood floors, and oversized fireplaces accented with a patterned tile.

Rustic Southwestern 

What’s more American than the Grand Canyon? Perhaps rustic Southwestern design. Southwestern homes have heavy Spanish and Pueblo influences, including features like white stucco walls, terracotta roofs, and cool cement tile floors. Our Sofia and Aline cement tile collections blend Spanish patterns with a classic red, white, and blue color palette for the ultimate American Southwest look! 

Retro Nostalgic 

Americana design is rooted in nostalgia. So, let’s take a ride on Route 66 to gather some retro inspiration! Retro Americana design can range from the 50s & 60s to the 70s & 80s. Will you decide to embrace a mid-century vibe and design a checkerboard floor for your diner-inspired kitchen or display a radical record collection and John Hughes movie posters in your media room? There’s a wide range of retro pop culture to choose from, so try sticking with a theme. For example, you could create an old Hollywood look and make your own walk of fame with our Hollywood Star tiles.  

5 Ways to Add Americana Style to Any Home

Now that you know more about Americana design, it’s time to recreate the look for yourself. Here are 5 ways to add Americana style to your home — no matter which American design theme you choose! 

1. Embrace a Red, White, and Blue Color Palette 

The best way to create an American look in any home is to embrace a red, white, and blue color palette. Go for muted variations of the shades for a subtle look, or opt for bright colors if you want a bold space. Consider starting with a neutral background of white walls and accent with reds and blues through pillows, curtains, and decorative tiles. Red and blue already look great together, so you’re almost guaranteed a stunning result! Our Diana cement tiles come in light red and blue patterns, and our Twinkle series even features stars that would make Betsy Ross proud!

2. Incorporate Stars and Stripes Patterns 

You don’t have to hang an American flag on your wall, but incorporating subtle stars and stripes patterns throughout your house can drive home your Americana design plan. Consider embracing stars and stripes prints in your textiles or accent tiles. You could create a striped backsplash using different colors of our Baguette cement tiles or embrace a variation with a Lines patterned tile. Pair these with our Sky series tiles to create your own take on the Star-Spangled Banner. 

3. Display Meaningful Collections 

Americana design is rooted in nostalgia and history, so display your collections to share your own personal American history. Collection displays could be anything from 1800s antiques to 80s records to ships in a bottle to vintage ad posters. If it’s meaningful to you, show it off! 

4. Add Some Cozy Rustic Charm 

From New England charm to Wild West resilience to Southern hospitality, America is known for being warm and rustic. Add some cozy charm to your space through overstuffed furniture, vintage fabric patterns, a rustic oversized kitchen table, or even a freshly baked apple pie waiting on the counter for guests. Adding cozy elements like these to your decor scheme will make your space even more inviting.  

5. Try Out a Fun Checkerboard Motif  

There’s something nostalgically American about playing checkers, and the checkerboard motif has made its way into many Americana styles — from Colonial tablecloths to retro diner floors. Try adding a fun checkerboard motif to your design, whether through textiles or tile. To create a checkerboard floor, pick two colors from our Solid tile collection and lay them in an alternating pattern. You could go for a classic black and white or get creative with any color combination imaginable! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Americana Still in Style?

Americana will never not be in style! Like the country itself, Americana is a highly adaptable design that blends well with other styles to create something new. Americana has given rise to many popular styles, like farmhouse chic, classic craftsman, and retro – it also complements open concept and minimalist styles. 

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This classic style is extremely versatile and can be adapted to incorporate several design elements, themes, and styles. Tiled flooring – and even walls – are a great way to add flair and tie a room together. LiLi Tile has a wide selection of tiles, so you can always choose the right tile for any room.

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