Define The Style: Tuscan Design

by Drew Henry

Welcome to Tuscan Design 101!  

Ah, life under the Tuscan sun. You probably already know that Tuscany is famous for its beautiful rolling countryside, its charming estates, and of course, its wine! Bringing the Tuscan feeling to your home is the perfect way to make every day feel like a vacation. But what is Tuscan design exactly, and how can you add Tuscan style to your home? Don’t worry! The LiLi Team defines the style and answers all your questions. Now, it’s time for Tuscan Design 101. Class is in session! 

What is Tuscan Style?  

The Tuscany region is located in Northern Italy, comprising the bustling Renaissance city of Florence and miles of peaceful vineyards and beautiful countryside estates. The Tuscan style embraces rustic traditionalism with a touch of sun-kissed relaxation. Tuscan homes are finished with materials like stone, terracotta, wrought iron, and exposed wood. Color palettes draw from the environment, featuring rich golden yellows, warm browns, and accents of calming olive green. A Tuscan home should feel formal yet inviting and, above all, welcoming and warm. 


How is Tuscan Design Different from Mediterranean Design?

The Tuscan and Mediterranean styles often get confused. While Southern Italy borders the Mediterranean Sea and draws inspiration from the cool ocean breezes, the Tuscan style looks to the mountains and rolling hills of vineyards and olive groves. The main difference between the two looks is that the Tuscan style solely focuses on Italian design, while the Mediterranean style incorporates elements from Spanish, French, Moroccan, and Greek styles. The Tuscan style also tends to lean more rich and traditional, whereas Mediterranean design incorporates more modern elements for a light and airy feel. 

Designing Life Under the Tuscan Sun

Are you ready for life under the Tuscan sun? Tuscan style is made for people who prefer rich tradition over a modern edge. You love carved wood details and patterns more than clean lines, and color doesn’t scare you away. While you may enjoy a beach day, you’d much rather spend your afternoon sipping wine on your terrace overlooking your wine vineyard or exploring cafes along cobblestone streets. While you like to get dressed up for a dinner party, you know how to kick back and relax. Sounds like you? Then keep reading to learn how to add Tuscan style to your home! 

10 Ways to Add Tuscan Style to Your Home

Now that you know a little bit more about Tuscan design, it’s time to recreate the look for yourself. Here are 10 ways to add Tuscan style to your home. 


1. Root Your Color Palette in Nature

To achieve the Tuscan look, root your color palette in the hues of the Italian countryside. Select shades like sunset yellow, earthy brown, and olive green. Our Sofia cement tiles are grounded in rich colors, perfect for your Tuscan-inspired kitchen, bath, or patio. 

2. Brighten Things Up With Pops of Color and Pattern 

While Tuscan style relies on rich, dark colors, there’s no reason why you can’t brighten things up with pops of fun accent colors and patterns. Again, take cues from the Italian countryside. Incorporate bright shades of blue or sun motifs. For example, our Rise cement tiles with copper and brass inlays would be the perfect touch to brighten your Tuscan space. 

3. Add Terracotta Accents 

Like the Mediterranean style, Tuscan designs incorporate terracotta accents. Consider using terracotta roof tiles, flooring, and patio pavers throughout your home. Alternatively, you can select other materials finished in a terracotta color — including your textiles! 

4. Utilize Stone, Stucco, and Plaster

Create an old-world look by adding stone, stucco, and plaster accents throughout your home exterior and interior. Most Tuscan estates are hundreds of years old and look just as beautiful as the day they were built, thanks to their durable stone construction. 

5. Embrace Italian Luxury With Milan-Inspired Designs

Tuscany is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Milan, Italy’s design capital. If you want to add a little modern flair to your traditional Tuscan design, do so with Milan-inspired patterns and motifs. Our new Milano Collection by Italian designer Francesco Roggero is the perfect choice. Browse all the new tiles and add some of that famous Italian design to your space!

6. Incorporate Wrought Iron Fixtures

It’s hard to picture Tuscan design without stunning wrought iron fixtures! Incorporate wrought iron into your space through oversized chandeliers, antique lanterns, stair railings, hardware, or garden gates. They will add a sense of old-world regality to your home and unlock the Tuscan feel. 

7. Go for the Gourmet Kitchen 

Tuscan life is all about food and wine, so go for the gourmet kitchen that would make any Italian chef happy. Consider adding a large island, upgraded appliances, open shelving, a range hood, and even a wine rack. Butcher block or marble counters will add functionality and style. Finish it off with a statement backsplash to tie it all together. We recommend our Versailles cement tile in a muted beige or bright yellow. 

8. Angle for Archways

Tuscan architecture favors grand archways, so angle to add some archways to your design. Consider creating large open archways to connect rooms or installing arched patio doors to flow onto your terrace. Accentuate your archways with columns or small decorative tile borders. Our 6x6 cement tiles are the perfect size to make a statement without going too large. 

9. Expose Wood Beams

If your home already has exposed wood beams, great! You are well on your way to achieving the Tuscan look. If not, don’t worry. Add faux beams to create depth and that Tuscan charm you’re searching for. 

10. Think Traditional 

Finally, remember that Tuscan design is rooted in traditional old-world style. So, think traditional when selecting colors and patterns. While it’s ok to take a walk on the modern side, you don’t want to deviate too far from what’s already been established in the style. After all, you fell in love with Tuscan charm for a reason! Stick to patterns that feel timeless and rooted in nature, like our Siena cement tile

Recreate Your Own Tuscan Villa (No Matter Where It’s Located)

Even if you don’t live in the Italian countryside, you can still bring Tuscan elegance to your home, no matter where it’s located! Remember to stick to warm colors, classic patterns, and designs rooted in old-world charm. 

Well, that’s our class. Now it’s time to get started on your homework — designing a beautiful space to call home! 

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