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Inspired by the desire for individuality in a world of cookie cutter design, the LiLi Glaze Tile Line was born. Each tile is first glazed and then fired at high temperatures, creating a distinctive effect. All of the LiLi Glaze tiles are exceptionally durable, have a low water absorption rate, and are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor wall applications.

Glaze Architectural Samples

Coco White

Marine Blue

New Algae

Crystal Navy

New Pearl


New Aquamarine

Slate Grey

Pewter Grey Tile for Floor and Wall

Unlike our traditional cement tiles, the LiLi Glaze Collection is a line of porcelain tiled fired at high temperatures. This process allows the tiles to each develop distinctive features within their finished glaze, unlike any other.

Our Crackle collection features seven vibrantly colored porcelain tiles each with a delicate and completely unique crackle pattern. These decorative cracks form naturally when the tiles are removed from the heat, resulting in little "ting ting" crackling sounds as the tiles cool and the characteristic lines form.

The Frost Collection features an incredibly unique tile embedded with natural crystal formations. Rather than the cracks of the Crackle Collection, the design in the Frost Collection more closely resembles snowflakes and ice crystals.

The Metallic Collection features an elongated porcelain tile with a finish resembling rust.

All of the LiLi Glaze Tiles are completely unique and suitable for both indoor and outdoor wall applications. They are also perfectly suitable for pool applications.