Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile
Spark Tile: 6” x 6” - LiLi Tile

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An excellent choice for adding a dash of magic to any space, our Spark cement tile is ideal for glistening staircases and glowing backsplashes. This pattern is as fun as it is versatile, now available in 2 standard variations.

PLEASE NOTE: Monitor settings may differ. We always recommend ordering a physical sample to ensure color accuracy, as these handmade tiles may exhibit tonal variations and digital screens do not fully capture their true colors.

  • Size - 6” x 6” x 1/2″
  • Tiles are sold in boxes of 16, each box is 4 sqft.

Spark 3 - White 1000, Cloudy Gray 1005, Eggnog Yellow 1010, Iron Gray 2015

Spark 4 - White 1000, Light Gray 2019, Jean Blue 4011

All sample sales are final.

Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)

ANSI A137.1 (2012) Section 9.6.1: 0.62

Water Absorption

TCVN 6355 (1998) Section 3: 9.7%

Breaking Bending Load

TCVN 6065 (1995) Section 5.6: 1.18 kN

Relative Resistance to Deep Abrasive Wear

ASTM C1243-93 (2009): 222.6 mm3

Premium Quality Tiles

LiLi tiles are the highest quality cement tiles on the market. Made with extra fine Portland cement for a crisp pattern, each tile is vibrant in color, only 1/2” thin, and has clean edges free of chips.

Stellar Customer Service

Our customer service has consistently been rated top-notch, with a response rate of less than 24 hours. Plus, you’ll receive instant responses via our chat widget.

Next Day Shipping

Most in-stock orders ship the same or next day. Our warehouse team thoroughly packs each order with proper protection so material has the best chance of arriving in excellent condition.

Quick Replacements

Tiles arrive broken? We'll replace them. We ensure the proper delivery and quality of our products upon arrival, meaning any material that arrives broken or unsatisfactory is replaced immediately.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind all of our products and are confident in their quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied, our team is quick to respond and make things right. 

The Fine Details

What makes LiLi so exquisite? Unwavering attention to detail. Take a closer look at why our tiles are consistently rated the best in the industry

Made with extra fine Portland cement powder, our tiles exhibit crisp patterns devoid of fuzziness, blurriness, or any chipped edges. Each tile is stamped with a signature LiLi logo on the back so you can rest assured you’re getting the real deal.

Handmade from start to finish, LiLi tiles are delicately crafted with highly pigmented cement to ensure an ultra vivid result. Once dry, our tiles undergo a strict quality control procedure before being packaged up and shipped to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kathleen Farley
tile is fabulous (5 stars) but packaging is an environmental mess (0 stars).

The tiles are wonderful…great designs, colors and quality. But sending the tiles packed with styrofoam peanuts is an environmental nightmare.The packing material will never decompose and there is not a way to recycle them. I encourage your company to investigate alternative packaging materials.

Frederick Gorrell
Beautiful Product, Great Form

We are planning a kitchen backsplash using Spark 4 (Blue) 6x6 inch tiles. The 6X6 size makes it easy to install - 3 rows between counter and cabinets - and you get the full effect of the pattern. We got our samples in just a couple of days and are happy that the product is in stock and can be delivered without a lengthy delay - we are anxious to get into our new kitchen!

kristen Lipton

love it. It's absolutely perfect. Great quality

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